November 10th, 2007

Ninja Troll


Holy crap!! This is real drama!! Half-way through the race for Stupidest Parent, and first and second place have been within 10 votes all day.

Let's move on to our next Stupid Awards nomination!

(To see the full list of categories for this year and how we're defining them, click here.)

  • To nominate your favorite stupid in any category, check the replies to see if it has already been nominated.

  • If not, comment with the user(s) you are nominating and links to the specific stupid_free post where their stupidity was reported. Links! Include links. User name and links to their stupid_free feature. You can also campaign by telling everyone why you feel this is the best example of stupid for this category.

  • If someone has already nominated your pick, please REPLY to their nomination with some sort of nod of agreement. You can include your opinions to campaign for your fave. You can back multiple nominees, but keep in mind that in the voting stage you will have to pick your ultimate!

  • Tomorrow, we'll take the top 4 or 5 and post official polls for you all to vote in.

Y'know, when something trivial becomes mind-bogglingly intarweb important? When users get into unbelievable flame wars about something so idiotic, you just can't believe they're fighting? When someone launches into a ridiculously silly, yet passionate campaign? When people get all worked up over an issue that seems to hold no more weight than their pocket lint? But someone is willing to fight with them and it goes on and on and on? LIVEJOURNAL IS SRS BZNS!!!! Now taking nominations for this year's



Hair Wank!

In idontdance, a community for people who write High School Musical slash about the one guy and the other guy:

Mods say making fun of Corbin Bleu's hair is racist!

killerspork33 disagrees - she knows white people with that hair!

madasarabbit thinks the mod post is retarded. And how dare people attack her for having such an ~*~edgy~*~ sense of humor! She makes fun of everyone. And it's okay, because she doesn't "associate the word retard with people with mental handicaps".

Also, threatening bannination for using "retard" and "faggot" is psychotic and turns the community into a Nanny State.

doilyhands points out the distinction between hair jokes and racist comments. Not possible! says elvensorceress.

And in case you missed it, killerspork33 knows a white person with that hairstyle. It's easy to miss, she doesn't say it much.
Ninja Troll


In an outrageously tough battle, the results are in!

owlsarentaholes is this year's STUPIDEST PARENT

(insert very pretty blue ribbon graphic that I don't know how to make here)

Numbers at time of poll closing:

jessy1019 in Adoption Insanity
485 (33.4%)

luvmy2sharps in Evil Stepmoooooo
473 (32.6%)

missravenx and her Childfree Social Experiment Pregnancy
342 (23.6%)

morgangallagher as Rosa Parks Boob Martyr
86 (5.9%)

eilithyia in Those Silly Katrina Victim Formula Feeders
64 (4.4%)

Congratulations to katyowns for the stupid_free reporting!

Check back later for the STUPIDEST SRS BZNS OR POINTLESS FLAME WAR poll.

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Over in cf_hardcore, xombie shares a news article about a baby whose genitals were chewed off by a dachshund. He wants to let us know that, despite the fact that the dog will probably be put down, there is a bright side!

"On a positive note, [the baby] won't be able to breed now."