November 9th, 2007


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I made a post in poor_skillsabout finding prego tests at the 99 cent store, and that I use them semi-regularly because I have an irregular period.  I've gone up to 7 months without it, so I like to be sure. 

I was amazed at some of the responses.  :-D

Edit:  I guess someone posted this last night, when it was friend locked.  It is not now. 

Edit2:  The mod in poor_skills asked me to re-lock it, so I did, which is just as well because my inbox was getting more comments than I have time to read.  Sorry guys.  
I had no idea that post would get so much feedback, especially without pro-lifers calling anyone babykillers.  =P

I suck and failed. Sorry.

miaoudeminou posts to bad_service about some suck with a bank.

This is not stupid.

The stupid? The first paragraph.

"Apparently my parents thought it was important to get me a car a.s.a.p. I really didn't have a choice in the matter and so we bought a 2007 Saturn Ion. Now I'm making $300 car payments per month"

That's right folks. Her parents held a gun to her almost 21-year-old head, dragged her to a dealership and forced her to buy a new car and sign up for a loan with a payment of $300 a month.

I understand having sometimes crazy and overbearing parents, being a fellow adult college kid who still llives at home and has a mother who gets into moods like that, but I'm sorry, agreeing to something that you didn't want and that costs you $300 a month because 'mommy and daddy say I have to'? WTF?

Making breakfast for your friends visiting from out of state because mom says you 'have to' (ok, it was my boyfriend she made do that, but whatever) is one thing. Buying a brand new car because mom says you 'have to' is a whole 'nother story all together, and shows that your parents aren't the only ones who have issues.

[ETA]Link added. Sorry for leaving it out the first time. Damn you guys are quick.

[ETA #2]And it seems I have failed? Eh, I still think it's stupid, but since the masses do not agree, I will accept my mockery and fail macros and try harder next time. And once again, damn you guys are quick.

[ETA #3, why yes I am avoiding doing school work at the moment]
She does mention later on that she can't afford the payment here, which is pretty much why I thought it was stupid, to agree to a payment you knew you couldn't afford because your parents 'forced you' to. I dunno.

Looking back now even I agree it isn't as stupid as I first thought it was. Damnit. Sorry guys.

[ETA #4, this is the last one, I swear]
I missed this at first and a few people have pointed it out as being amusing - random comment in which the commenter was shocked and surprised that when their car was reposessed it was done in the middle of the night. Quote vayacondia, "WTF does she think they do, call you and ask if you'll bring your car back since you won't pay for it?"

So at least there was something kinda stupid in there after all?
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The Origin of Love

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First stupid, so feel free to rape me anally with a cactus if it's insufficient.

So, over yonder in wtf_inc (yeah, yeah, I know, but still...) tetrabinary posts a video of pterodactyl pr0n that's older than...well, pterodactyls really. This is not the stupid. Tet includes a warning that if it's old he'll take his flaming like a man. This too is not the stupid.

Enter anaisdjuna, who immediately leaps to the defensive and calls Tet's sexist ass out, and predictably goes on the feminist warpath.

A minor stupid perhaps, but made my eyes switch sockets nevertheless.

EDIT: Oh noes! Bahleeted! *le sigh* Cappies anyone?

oh, honey!!

Over in veganpeople, ryansmithxvx compares stealing honey from bees to slavery. Not to mention, thinking that one can hold bees hostage (perhaps with small, bee-sized guns?) as well as being irritated we don't pay bees (should we make pollen donations when we take honey??)...their justification?? "all analogies are imperfect"

*edit* I did not notice if this post was locked or not. I assumed it wasn't because it showed up in my rss feeder.

FTW: freakshownia, who agrees that indeed, stealing honey from bees is slavery, comments here despite not being a member.