November 8th, 2007

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It's just as ~mature~ and worldly as you think it'd be.

ONTD race wank. Jeffree Star, MySpace famewhore and basic waste of space, makes a video featuring he and friends talking about "pathetic n*ggers".




I mean... it makes it different that he was aiming racial slurs at one particular person, not ALL black people.

More stupid coming, I assure you. Give it time...
Mr. Certain

They is takin our rites 2 hate gayz

This whole post is rife with stupid, I have a hard time picking just one.  It starts with the OP making an indignant post about an article he didn't read, which becomes extremely obvious not too far in.  (For lols, check out the entry's tags). 

"No, I didn't read the text of the bill. I didn't even read the entire news article I quoted from. It matters a little what the text says, but not a lot..."  RLY?

It gets funnier way down in the thread where he whines that he didn't read the linked article or legislation, and "It's hard to know what to do to please some people."  Awww.

There's also
- I'm not homophobic, but gays are gross!
- what's the difference between a tranny and a homosexual? how can you think you were supposed to be born a woman and continue to try and date women? doesn't that make you a "lesbian"?

But I have to say that one of my fave stupids in here is from the reliably reactionary radagast14: Straight people should not work at gay bars!

EDIT: Look who showed up!
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Escalating stupid

So it wasn't stupid enough a couple days ago. Well, that's ok, apparently paganbear aims to please.

Recap of old mini-stupid: He posted a couple unfunny macros in dog_macros, one of which implied that pit bulls are vicious. Got flamed both for being unfunny and breedist. It was posted to s_f, where some people thought the macros were lame, some people thought the stupid was lame, and some people thought the pit bull protectors were lame.

He deleted the original post. He then made a new post, which has been lovingly screencapped (WARNING: disturbing graphic image!) here. (Thanks to dazeydevyne and flounce_o_rama!)

He then deleted THAT post. He even got flamed for it in his personal journal, by people not involved in dog_macros (NOT that you should read his personal journal!).

Once he's deleted both of these, we finally have super-classy flouncination. No comments allowed, because apparently he has a thing for getting the final word.

...But wait! There's more!

This being a macro community, the entire situation spawns quite a series of macros, many of which are much funnier than the average dog_macros posts of late. (Yes one of those is mine - that doesn't make it grudgewank, does it?)

Then we discover that we have been fake flounced! Yes, that's right! Apparently "Goodbye and get over it" is code for "I care a whole, whole, lot about what the folks in some random macro community think of me, so I'm going to pretend to leave then see what they say about me and finally post my scathing retaliatory macro. That'll show them." And of course, no comments allowed on the meta-flounce, either.

Edited to include caps of deleted gross post.
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I put this in sf_drama first, but it keeps growing.  A question is posed in booju_newju about single parenting by choice.  Seems that greatestislove isn't down with that.  Here she pulls from another persons user info in an attempt to prove that single mothers will make you into a  hedonistic Philosophy major. She goes on to tell confusedanswers that his kids are going to be jealous of the all the two parent familes.  Judgmental fun all around.
Ninja Troll


It was a close race for nominations, but here are our finalists! To recap:

owlsarentaholes is an Adoption Activist because adoption is bad bad bad. Featured several times for her unusual thoughts on the subject, her compassion for adopted children was possibly most shocking when it trumped her feelings for her own daughter. If her daughter was ever faced with an unwanted pregnancy, she would have her committed to a mental hospital if she were to consider adoption. Get it you guys? Putting a child up for adoption is I-N-S-A-N-E!!!

Size 14 luvmy2sharps eats only 40 calories a day of orange popsicles and black coffee because she's longing to be thin. It's really going to be sad to see her stepdemon be a heifer in middleschool, so she moos at the 11 year old girl to get her to stop eating pizza.

eilithyia is raising a very compassionate son. Compassionate enough to know that Katrina victims wouldn't have to worry about formula for their babies in the midst of crisis if they'd done the right thing and breastfed!. Silly Katrina victims! eilithyia is so proud.

Pregnancy won't stop missravenx from being CF 4-Life. She's never going to take pictures of it or change a diaper because babies are disgusting! It will be nice to have a live-in slave to clean up, though! BTW, it's not a child, it's an experiment.

morgangallagher is just like Rosa Parks when she breastfeeds on the bus. Just like Rosa Parks! Because she breastfeeds. ON THE BUS. Don't kick her off bus driver!!! ROSA PARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Okay, there are our nominees! Who's this year's stupidest parent??

Poll #1085870 STUPIDEST PARENT 2007

Vote for the Stupidest Parent of 2007

owlsarentaholes in Adoption Insanity
luvmy2sharps in Evil Stepmoooooo
eilithyia in Those Silly Katrina Victim Formula Feeders
missravenx and her Childfree Social Experiment Pregnancy
morgangallagher as Rosa Parks Boob Martyr

Poll closes and results will be announced in 24 hours.