November 7th, 2007

Ninja Troll


Hoo-boy! The time is nigh!! Spread the word! Alert the papers!!

It's time to begin the nominations for this year's STUPID AWARDS!


You can check this list to see all the categories we'll be using and how we're defining each one.

We'll be posting categories one at a time and taking nominations. To nominate your favorite stupid in any category, please check to see if the nomination has already been made. If not, make a comment with the user(s) you are nominating in the subject line, and then include relevant links to their stupidity in the body of your comment. You can also campaign by telling everyone why you feel this is the best example of stupid for that category.

If someone has already nominated your pick, please REPLY to their comment with some sort of nod of agreement. You can include your opinions to campaign for your fave. You can back multiple nominees, but keep in mind that in the voting stage you will have to pick your ultimate!

Please DO NOT reply arguing why a nomination is NOT the best. We're just going to count comments, so please only reply because you want that nominee, and just reply once for each nominee. Replying with any disagreement or dispute over which category the nominee should appear in will just count as a vote for that nominee.

Does that make sense? There will be a post about a category, a bunch of nominations with links, and a bunch of replies backing the nominations. We'll take the 4 or 5 with the most nominations in each category and then post official polls for you all to vote in. This will rotate all through November (and possibly into December) - which just happens to be stupid_free BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!

Okay, on to the nominations. Let's start out with those wacky parents! Boob nazis, circumcision wank, co-sleeping, ear piercing akin to rape, and any other stupid involving parents and their offspring. Vote here for this year's


ETA: 10 comments and I'm already nuts from this. Nominations and why you're nominating! With links! Check to see if your nominee has already been made, and if so, reply under that nomination.

ETA2: PLEASE don't just say a user name and assume everyone knows what you're talking about. Nominate someone with a link to ONE specific stupid_free entry. Last year, tigerwolf dominated categories with multiple examples of stupidity. Just saying owlsarentaholes is actually robbing her of the possibility of ruling the entire category. Link to the specific post you're nominating and tell us who and why. Thank you.

ETA3: Nominate/back as many nominations as you want! This is not the voting, this is the nominating. A reply to a nomination (no matter what it says) counts as a vote FOR that nominee, so only reply once.

(no subject)

In ohnotheydidnt there was a post about the WGA strike

therealme123 says doesn't like unions, because of those those teachers always striking for healthcare and benefits. S/he works twice as hard as any teacher and doesn't get the summer off.

it gets even better when sixfiftysix explains the reality of being a teacher and mingsunni exclaims I think she gets how teachers operate. We all went to school, you know

edit: there is some additional stupid I missed the first time, as pointed out by bluelinegoddess. After frosting says that her mother makes $19,000 dollars a year as a teacher, lenorea responds with his/her brilliant understanding of the word "average"

Hello Good Day Attendants

As you may be aware, paid members can now edit comments (if you are a gear of the dark LiveJoural machine also known as a paid member).

What does this mean in terms of you? This is a good question which I will answer once I am done saying this sentence as well as the next.

Okay then.

For the time being, stupid_free will allow comment editing. You are able to fix your borked HTML comments. You are able to fix your typos. You are able to add to the fact if you have something to say. This will change if it is abused. We will be informed if anything is edited, as that is something that is shown when you edit a comment. The original poster of the article is also informed whenever a comment is edited, so no being all asshatty as well.

Yes I am glad we have come to a conclusion. Take care and enjoy your Wednesdays. Your dark overlords appreciate your time and patience in reading this message which I will conclude at the end of this sentence as well as the next.

Good day.
Comme vous pouvez vous rendre compte, les membres payés peuvent maintenant éditer des commentaires (si vous êtes une vitesse de la machine foncée de LiveJoural également connue sous le nom de membre payé).

Que ce moyen en termes de vous ? C'est une bonne question que je me répondrai une fois suis fait disant cette phrase aussi bien que le prochain.

Ok alors.

Pour l'instant, stupid_free volonté permettra l'édition de commentaire. Vous pouvez fixer le votre borked des commentaires de HTML. Vous pouvez fixer vos typos. Vous pouvez ajouter au fait si vous avez quelque chose à dire. Ceci changera s'il est maltraité. Nous serons au courant si quelque chose est édité, en tant que celui est quelque chose qui sont montrés quand vous éditez un commentaire. L'affiche originale de l'article également est aussi bien informée toutes les fois qu'un commentaire est édité, tellement aucun être tout asshatty.

Oui je suis heureux nous suis arrivé à une conclusion. Faites attention et appréciez votre mercredi. Vos suzerains foncés apprécient votre temps et patience en lisant ce message que je conclurai à la fin de cette phrase aussi bien que le prochain.

Bonne journée.