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November 6th, 2007

you gonna get fingerprinted

This just in! Getting fingerprinted is exactly like being raped!

Bonus stupid for the OP expecting his Japanese coworkers to get all up in arms about the new fingerprinting policy, when he himself has done nothing to protest the U.S.' own fingerprinting policy, which is, y'know, the whole reason Japan's going to start fingerprinting.
Over in thequestionclub, waitsunlight posts asking where they can find a 'vintage' camera that they can use for 'real photography.'

The best stupid is in the comments:
cheerleading is not a sport.
your 35mm, is it digital?
rust and trees and stuff, that's photography.

I'm crossing my fingers that this fount of stupid doesn't get deleted.

Nov. 6th, 2007

Small stupid but...

Over in dog_lovers: nakeddementia posts about how when she came home from work, she discovered that her dog managed to get into the jar that she kept its treats in. In doing so, the pooch got the jar stuck on its head. So she preserves this moment of 'Oh, The Trouble Pets Get Into' by taking some pictures. Most of the folks who reply see the humor in this and are sane enough to realize that the dog was not in any significant danger or distress and that pausing the rescue for a handful of moments to take pictures of the ridiculousness does not constitute ZOMG WTF ANIMAL ABUSE!!!!1!1!1

But no, not mistress_mab. Oh no.

She hopes that karma will cause the OP to wake up with her head in a jar. And that the dog takes pictures of that!

shewasfire also has a win comment with: If he died of suffocation when he was inside that jar, would you take pictures of his dead body and post them as well?


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