November 4th, 2007

I Object!
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It ain't grudgewank unless you got credentials!

Over in law_questions, fightforwar posts a debt debacle involving her friend's lawyer-father. This, while debatable, is not the stupid.

She rounds up a few intelligible responses, along with some advice on how to avoid getting sued. In comes surprisesex, who surprises us all with their declaration that being sued isn't a huge deal, and even if there's a judgment against you, it doesn't matter if you don't pay. I mean, it's not like you're going to buy a house or anything. They worked in a law firm, guys, they know what they're talking about!

You think it would stop there. But no, surprisesex feels the need to dig themselves deeper and deeper. (where's pester when you need her?!)

So stupid_free, today I bring you Lessons in Litigation 101, sponsored by surprisesex:

- If it's not a criminal matter, it belongs in small claims court!

- Civil court and small claims court are the same thing. Family court? Out the window! Tax court? Screw you!

- If you want to correct someone who is grossly misinformed, you'd better have credentials!

- You can't have an attorney in civil court. (Please don't tell that to my boss, or I'd be out of a job, kthnx.) And also, CREDENTIALS!

Other points include harping on the BIG DIFFERENCE between "no big deal" and "not a huge deal"; accusations of dodging questions and twisting words, and, oh, yes: CREDENTIALS!

This, s_f, is what we refer to as "Res ipsa stupitur" - The Stupid Speaks For Itself.

(BTW, am I the only one seriously disturbed by their choice of icon? *shudder*)

ETA: Oh, look who finally showed up!

ETA 2: Now with butthurt!... over... my profile? Complete with screenshot? Isn't that against the rules?

You could have KILLED him!

So, preci0us is doing a friend a favor and watching her friend's demonic 4 year old. The kid keeps trying to hurt a tiny puppy, destroy a Playstation and smash a mirror. She plops the kid at her feet and asks booju_newju for advice to save the puppy, her stuff and her sanity. Some people offer advice and some people tell her what a fuck up she is.

When she posts about how the kid found a pen and marked up her mom's expensive couch, people go off! chrispina says the kid could have shoved something in a light socket and DIED as fellow tool iworshipsatin   jumps on the moron bandwagon along with several others who obviously have either never meet a real 4 year old or only have some alien hybrid.

And why are *they* on the net? OMG, the kids could be DYING!

EDIT: And journalismgirl flaunts her own lame-osity on booju_snark
extreme dinosaur

Postsecret: Sunday Secrets

Hey, guys. I just want to show you this really, really serious big deal thing:

You don't think this is a really, really serious big deal thing? Well, you're living in a fantasy world. Not the real world. Where it's perfectly rational to FLIP YOUR SHIT over a Postsecret.

Just kidding. Well, at least most people have a balanced approach to this, and are actually willing to discuss this in an adult manner.... right?

"I hope when you are old and decrepit enough to be sent into a nursing home, your children dump you on the side of a country road."
"People are idiots and can suck a railroad spike for all I care... Animals are in the predicaments they're in because humans are selfish assholes who put them in those predicaments."
"Dear dog dumping people. FUCK YOU. I hope you die in a fucking fire."

5 pages of comments so far.

PS: This is zephyrcrow. For some reason the cookies on madheretic's computer are making me come up as him whenever I post. Wut??

EDIT: I'm not saying it's stupid to get upset. I AM saying it's stupid to react like this: "OMG HOW DARE YOU YOU FUCKING FUCK YOU GODDAMN FUCKING FUCK EEEEEEEEEEENH!!!!" when the person who wrote it is probably never going to see. It's preaching to the choir.

There were a couple of people who reacted in a pretty OK manner and actually wanted to talk about things such as, say, animal shelters and alternatives to dumping pets. I didn't link to them because they're not noteworthy.

Not to mention that the OP of the secret obviously feels shitty about it already, since they were compelled to send it in to Postsecret and all.

Also, no thexphial, I'm not a troll. That's flattering, though.