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November 3rd, 2007

marlene's post in newyorkers: "There are several houses [at Duffield Street in Downtown Brooklyn] which have been found to be connected to the Underground Railroad. The city wants to take these homes, crush them and build a parking lot for two new hotels"

arthurq's response: "We're not talking about the Monticello Mansion or the White House. It's some underground rooms that can easily be replicated and be made more accessible elsewhere."

I mean, c'mon guys! It's just the Underground Railroad! You can move that no problem! We REALLY need this parking lot for some hotels! A hotel will benefit everyone who lives in the area, and the area won't be "ghetto" anymore!
Over in sf_drama, igiveyoumylife makes a post about the extraordinarily stupid bombing_dresden, who she's already given a fantastic writeup.

Not only does he show up to defend his honor, so does blasphemusfish.
She wants to let us know how funny the icon is and share with us how much of a rebel she is by saying the n-word.

Also, she wants to share a picture of the lovely Golliwog sweater her mom gave her.

Meanwhile, bombing_dresden is busily being stupid throughout the post and everywhere else he's present on the internets.

Soooo Glad I'm Single Right Now

Oh Jesus and the Apostles.

My Dysfunctions and Self-Loathing, Let Me Show You Them

I just...have...no words...

Warning: graphic tl;dr tales of Rump Rangering ahead.


[EDITED for OOPS: In light of the OP's interests/communities, it's being suggested (see below) that this is a bored yaoi fangirl/ troll. I'm inclined to suspect that, as well. We can only hope no one is actually THAT screwed up. S/he/it is still a wreck, though.]

Nov. 3rd, 2007

Please, good people of LJ, help me talk straight!

Homophobia wank and other suchness.


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