November 2nd, 2007

Southern Fried Racewank and Rank Stupidity


Some folks dislike two members of the community, so they request banishment for those members. There's a lot of the word "fag" and lots of horrible, horrible grammar. It's basically a cesspool foaming with stupid.

The mod decides to take a vote. If you found the first post borderline incomprehensible, this one is just as bad.

To cap it all off we get race wank disguised as a flounce! The executive summary: everybody's racist! No u!

Don't call me spic, fagget.
Gay bashing is racist.

Edit: This is where the race wank originates, I think, although it's not so much racewank as it is a bunch of white guys hurling racial epithets.

Edit 2: Actually, I think this is where this particular wank originates. There's a lot of wank to wade through. If you're Hispanic, you're white apparently.

Edit 3: To clarify Edit 2. Dude 1 says he's Hispanic, not white. Dude 2 says no, "You're white. Deal." All Hispanic people are white, Y/N?

Edit 4: By request, let's welcome noctrnalwolf to the party.