November 1st, 2007

Your Harry Potter tattoo makes you a racist!

Over in badtattoos_4, akutaq posts a somewhat crappy Harry Potter-based tattoo, specifically of the Dark Mark - for those of you not familiar with the series, it's a magical tattoo carried by the Death Eaters, who are the "bad guys". (Please forgive me for knowing that, I am not a Harry fanatic or anything, I just happen to have a 13 year old.)

Very quickly it's discerned that the reason this was posted was probably not the shitty artistry but rather a philosophical disagreement with Death Eater tattoos in general. fordanglia Godwins right off the bat. "I seriously can't stand Death Eater tattoos. They represent the worst of the worst. Why would anybody want to declare themselves a member of a society based on Nazis?" She appears to be actually seriously offended that someone would support fictional bad guys. the_reda amusingly comes back with "You are aware that you are sounding like a 16 year old with the issues of WOE. Do you throw the same fit every time someone dresses as the Emperor for Halloween?" teh_kel ups the ante with "because people want to be racist assholes and harry potter gives them an excuse". If she'd said "elitist" instead of "racist", I might have given her a pass, but as the_reda points out, "I wasn't aware there was a magical race."

A small stupid, but bound to get larger due to the high wank factor of Harry Potter fandom. Death Eaters and Hairy Pooters confirmed for brawl!

How has this not made it here yet?

Hooray for the n00bs in

cat_macros[info]wyldchyld337 apparently finds dead cats amusing, but God Forbid your macro contain swearing because the children might see them.  Won't somebody think of the children????

In 5 paragraphs, the OP tells the community

1.  I joined the community to flounce!
2.  The mod does not make the rules, I do!
3.  I am more mature than the rest of you!
4.  Don't argue with me because of my military learnings!
5.  My kids can see dead cats, but not swearing!

On noes!  Our children are watching the internetz! 

EDT: sanityangelchimes in with this gem of a comment
1.  I iz better than you because of my hardships
2.  It's just unfair for the mod to break her own rules, she should do as I say!
3.  People on the internet are so meeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaan.
4.  Dead cats???  Thumbs up!
5.  But choke a bitch - "Not only is it offencive, demening to women, and promote violence, but it's also completely insensitive towards people who may have been strangled before. Not Funny" 

EDT#2 - Thanks to nmdrkanglfor the reminder that cat_macrosalso has a tag troll.  Very amusing stuff. 

EDT#3 - watch out for sanityangel!  She is going to defend her fail.   And don't forget the grammer wank 

EDT$4 - looks like the wank has pretty much died down.  And I would like to congratulate myself on a successful first post.

EDT#5 - I WAS WRONG!  [info]meowmeowbutt had directed attention to this post, where apersbrings forth a macro to tell us all exactly why cat macros were invented!  My internet learnings, let me show you them! 

EDT#6 - I especially like this thread, which amounts to "fuck fuck you...haha, we are all saying fuck to piss somebody off!"