October 30th, 2007

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Over in booju_newju, dwa20 posts about how a school in New York has a no bag policy. No backpacks, no purses, no bags at all. The article dwa20 links to mentions how the whole thing is anti-female and sexist since this makes it hard for girls to being feminine products to school discreetly, though that isn't what dwa20 asks about. The main question dwa20 asks is if the members of booju_newju thinks the ban on all bags is ridiculous.

Of course, even linking to anything mentioning something is sexist is going to cause stupid, and this time does not disappoint.

unconformed posts this: I don't think a "no bags" policy is sexist. Thinking women need purses is sexist.

confusedanswers also seems to be obsessed with the fact that her cousin's skirt has pockets.

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I found a cute stupid in the files of lol-bertarianism. ikilled007 posts an interesting graphic that illustrates just how many people are in the president's entourage (hundreds!). He insinuates that the hundreds of security staffers, etc. that travel with him are way too many. Luls come when writerspleasure asks him, "would you suggest a horse-drawn carriage and three ninjas?"

ikilled007: "I would suggest that he should have to drive his own car and it should be a law that no politician is allowed to have any bodyguards or bulletproof clothing."

stas: "So politicians should have no right to be protected from bodily harm? And that would be because...?"

ikilled007: "Since they are murderers and thieves they should be estopped from having rights."
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Just a small stupid

evewasframed posts a totally innocent post in parenting101 asking when children's eyes usually change, if they are going to change.

Community members respond with their own personal experiences and all is quiet and happy in LJ parenting land...or is it?

eilithyia posts information on genetics and eye colour (and a little story about a member of her family who has a kid by someone who is not her partner), which is refuted with a link (from USA Today no less, because, yanno, they are the medical experts on everything). eilithyia is a big girl and accepts that there is a possibility. Enter blonnie who has to be nosey and ask what the situation is. eilithyia responds again, being normal and adult about the situation. blonnie becomes Queen Douchebag and determines that having a kid brought up by someone who isn't the kid's biological father is cruel and unsual punishment.

Small stupid at the moment, but has potential to explode when everyone in North America wakes up.

step right up, step right up!

Stare in wonder and amazement as fieryredhead posts to dogtrainers about how to get her 6 year old chihuahua to stop marking/urinating in the house.

Gaze in horror at the suggestion "why not pee on the dog?"

Wince in pain as sane commenters repeat themselves to no avail.

Gasp in shock as fieryredhead says that she can't contain her dog in one room because she wants quality time with him, yet somehow manages to have quality time with the dog in another room.

Cry in ultimate sadness as the OP deletes her post.

Do not despair! I come bearing screencaps of love: