October 29th, 2007


Tattoo/nazi drama combined.

Over in tattoo_ink, a Russian guy posts pictures of his "prison tattoos", and lots of them.
These include a Hitler tattoo and a large swastika, amongst a shit ton of other faded crap.

Of course the wank explodes, some people call troll.

But the OP's journal is all written in Russian so who knows. Might be a troll, might be a russian troll. He replies to almost everything in Russian and gets upset at emo Hitler. Warm up your babelfish, gaaaiizzz.

World Series Stupid

deleriumschild, who has her own tag here, went batshit and flounced in redsox.

Here is where the batshittery started.

The flounce post was deleted as I started writing this. I have a screencap here.

As if anybody gives a shit about her in a Red Sox community the night the Red Sox won the world series.

Just to hammer her point home, and that point being that she's utterly batshit, deleriumschild also posted in yankeesfans here.

Edit: Rooting for the Red Sox and the Yankees is like rooting for HITLER AND THE JEWS.

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forgive my html ignorance

So this post isn't so much stupid, lots of women get cranky nearing the end of pregnancy.
BUT, the woman only found out she was pregnant 4 weeks ago....she didn't know she was pregnant for the first 30 weeks. (which is stupid in itself, how the hell do you not find out you are pregnant until you are 30 weeks)


If you find out you are pregnant at 30 weeks, you DO NOT get to scream "I am sooo miserable, and I can't see my feet cri cri" at 34 weeks! It's only been 4 weeks, suck it up.
Ninja Troll

Brief pause for station identification.

Please read the rules before posting. This is sage advice no matter which community you're posting to. If you're not a frequent visitor/poster and don't have that comm's particular feelings on formatting, topics, lj-cuts, etc., it makes a lot of sense to glance over the info page to be sure that your post is going to be appropriate.

When I forget I can't make a right-turn on red in New York City, I might get pulled over. "I didn't know" or "That's a stupid rule" or "How can I be expected to remember the specific rules of every single state I visit?" does not change the fact that I did something wrong. It just pisses people off.

(Fortunately, I never get traffic tickets because I'm the possessor of an effervescent wit, not to mention devilish good looks.)

If you've made an error, take note of it, take your lumps, and move on. Or put your tail between your legs and leave the community forever. But, for the love of cookies, don't argue with everyone about it.

STOP POSTING DUMB SHIT. Thank you, carry on.


Lord Snot
Teen Wolf // Lydia is Queen

The hardest job in the world - you can do it from home!

So, over in booju_mooju, magdalene74 wants to be patted on the back for being a stay-at-home-mom.

feel_real_love makes a post about a forum she's part of that is having a debate on whether being a SAHM is "the hardest job in the world" (lol).

Several people (most of them SAHMs themselves) disagree, saying that caring for the elderly, or even mothers who work and still have all the responsibilities of a SAHM have it harder.

And magdalene74 argues with every single one.

It basically all amounts to her need for recognition that she's not a "bon bon stuffing oprah watching couch weight" and even ends up in personal attack against someone who works and goes to school which obviously means; "who is really raising your child? Cause with a schedule like that, im betting it aint you." She apologizes, but continues to make it all about her and her considerable struggles to gain respect and recognition.

Edit: There are bonus lulz in her userinfo but remember not to troll, because it's not like I'm telling you to check it out or anything.
ETA: Colorbar removed. I honestly didn't think it broke the rules, all things considered, but after as many warnings, I've taken it off to comply.
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oh noes the china!

zomg everybody, it's halloween and I threw out my candy that was made in china, you should too.


Not sure if this is really that stupid but it sure sounded stupid.  finding lead paint on buckets does not equate to lead in the candy.

apologies if I'm missing something.

ETA: you know, cause food for human consumption can't come from China, can it?
ETA 2: I know I know it's locked, screenshot

(no subject)

dreamtlife27 makes a gory post (NSFW) featuring a mutilated cat in wtf_inc. Apparently they forgot a NSFW tag and people got pissed.

They respond by editing with a tag and a disclaimer:

Sorry for not putting the tag up, I completely forgot about it and haven't posted/lurked the comm for a long time. Couple years ago, this community is where I learned about "crush fetishes." This is not fluffy-happy-bunny-community, and alright it's just sick and not really wtf. I posted it here because wet cats are very far from being wtf, and this was my response. So far as I had known it, the point of these posts is for you to involuntarily yell out loud "what the f---???" when seeing/hearing/reading it. This is why the horror-porn post is succesful. If the post is made of AIDS and fail then alright, it is made of AIDS and fail. Otherwise, I don't care about your whiny criticisms.

I also approve of their original warning at the top of the post:

Response to cats evade drowning post. I staunchly condemn anything like this, and am a vegetarian, so don't condemn me for posting it if you eat meat.

People are still giving him internet ageda, so he makes a quasi-flounce-post.

Unlocked at time of drama.

To summarize: dreamtlife27 gets butt-hurt that people get butt-hurt over lack of a NSFW tag, so they make a post to prove how un-butt-hurt they are and how everybody else should be strong like they are.

[ETA]: It all started here, which is a post of wet cats, which the OP identifies as "drowning cats". Apparently this is the same thing as mutilated kittens in a bathtub to dreamtlife27.

[ETA 2 electric boogaloo]: The last link I posted is really just a post filled with pictures of cats being bathed. It's rather cute, actually.
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