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October 28th, 2007

So many lj pet crazies . . .

I think I'm done with livejournal pet communities.

Over in stupidpetowners,small_chicken says thatshe'd be tempted to steal a cat if she found out it was being fed kibble.

porcupine8 seems seems disturbed by chicken's ideas. small_chicken assures her she wasn't being serious.

So, where is the stupid?

ldragoon tells everyone how she stole her neighbor's cat because she thinks he was an alcoholic, the cat wasn't altered and was kept outside. Now, I'm all for keeping cats inside - but I don't steal other people's outdoor cats! That's illegal.

porcupine8 suggests taking the cat to the shelter instead so the owner will have to pay to get him out.

So folks, if you have an issue w/someone pet ownership, the lesson learned is steal the pet.

the return of coflower...

Over in jumpingpictures a woman posted some pictures of herself jumping.

They're not behind a cut. coflower asks for a cut. The cut does not happen.

coflower decides to take this personally, declare "FLOUNCE!" and diagnose anorexia.

Religion wank

This is an upgrade from sf_drama, since it got stupider and wankier.

There's a post about a bunch of Wiccans and the townspeople who hate them. greatestislove declares that Wicca isn't a real religion. This is after people had commented that they they are Wiccan. Presumably, those people either don't exist or are teenagers going through a phase.

Then, there's a bunch of tl;dr wank.

I expect the obligatory "grudgewank sucks" thread, but I think this chewy, wanky goodness can overcome the potentially fatal stigma of grudgewank.

Wow...when mods go batshit!

Hey, Stupid_free,

Remember this from a few posts down? The one where the vegan called meat eating like rape, compared welfare children to livestock, and said that people who ate meat sickened him?

Well, the mod has finally weighed in. According to her no one in the OP or anywhere else was attacking meat eaters and anyone who feels that way is imagining it.

I was just editing the post as the stupid popped up, but somehow, this seems to top the original stupid that started it.

ETA: She's now responded. And if anything, it's worse than the first one.

ETA2: All member posts are screened. Caps, anyone?

ETA3: Well, here is my reply anyway.

ETA4: Read her last comment. It's great.

ETA5: Google Cache search and quick screen caps for the win folks!
Screen grabs under cut!Collapse )


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