October 26th, 2007

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thequestionclub gets welfare wank.

Highlights include I've been poor and I didn't have a big screen tv so they're doing it WRONG, I know people on welfare with blackberries and iPhones!, and the finale: a tl;dr rant about socialism.

(And in the spirit of posting to wrong communities, *I* posted this to my journal accidentally.)

ETA: And as most of you know, the stupid has joined us. (Not sweethomechcago, who I erroneously quoted and I apologize for.)
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MSU - Local 42

Loving your pets is stupid

Because trying to save the lives of your pets is fucking retarded as hell if you eat meat according to adrenailine

Also, we shouldn't assume the OP is a vegan based on what he said and it's in NO WAY a personal attack on those that eat meat.

Edited so my spelling is no longer fail.


More bonus stupid for comparing livestock to humans because having livestock is completely the same as having slaves!

And yet more bonus stupid for welfare raised children are like livestock, aren't they?