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October 25th, 2007

CNN stoopid

On the front page of CNN.com reads the headline:
Pit Bulls kills cancer boy's miniature horse
The stoopid, wank-inducing no-no being: an international news source changing a headline to refer to a child with cancer as 'cancer boy'. Classy.
You will notice when following the link to the local news source it reads:

Pit Bulls Kill Miniature Horse Donated To Cancer-Stricken Child

SS or it didn't happen:
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In feministbifemmefatale writes a post asking about the members' thoughts on gay porn, and if they think it's degrading. Everything is going somewhat swimmingly then purplelizzy busts out with this gem: "By definition porn is degrading so if what you're looking at (whether hetero, male gay or lesbian) isn't degrading, it's not porn, it's something else .. erotica maybe?"

Cue comment shit-storm: http://community.livejournal.com/feminist/2976447.html?thread=89603007#t89603007

Someone love me!

earthprince posts that :

I don't have any friends. I have some old ones, but we never see each other any more, or have any of the same interests.

I also have no interests.

How do I make some fun companions!

Why am I posting here mocking this clearly sad and lonely individual? Because he posted it to customers_suck

(and skimming through his comms he doesn't seem to be randomly spamming all his comms, just customers_suck which is even stranger IMO)

EDIT - he was aiming for a different comm and missed. Oh well, it's gone now. Although I do see he has 71 friends on his LJ so he's obviously not that bad at making friends lol.


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