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October 24th, 2007

omg first stupid

So, small stupid. More so... stupid that makes you go, "What?"

She gave her kid CAPPUCCINO?!

While I realize caffeine isn't exactly the best thing to dose a child with large amounts, I don't recall it being even slightly against the law to give a kid coffee and/or any variation of the stuff. Perhaps if she turned around and handed her daughter a rum and coke, or a package of cigarettes, I could understand the outrage.

Oh, and kids aren't supposed to drink soda you guys.

May it be understood that I think common sense would come into play when it comes to kids soda and/or coffee. lol, don't get yourself killed.

Unlocked at time of posting.


Labels are serious business

Over in vegetarian, soiamme is concerned that some pescetarians won't explain their dietary choices in detail to everyone around them. The stupid seeds begin to grow in the comments with plenty of butthurt including knittingninja flouncing, classicmisfit's relatively logical point that YOUR WAITER DOESN'T CARE, some reasonable NO U from artsygirlstace, and, my favourite, from the OP soiamme no less... FISH ISN'T MEAT.

Unlocked and undeleted at time of posting.
Over in endcreationismael88 posts a stupid, but mostly harmless poll about whether creationists should be sterilised.
Most people give equally stupid answers, but sweetretty and feralnerd ride on in to tell the masses that evolution is serious bizness.
ael88 climbs right on up on his high horse with them, and much wankery ensues. Bonus points to feralnerd for informing us all that he and his cronies have "have actively debated creationists for longer than you have sleeping without wetting the bed" and his cute mini-flounce.
No creationists have posted at this time, which is a damn shame, but we snark with what we have, I guess.

EDIT: Bonus you is a butthurt creationist! lulz from njyoder

Heroes spoilers, be warned.

I was really hoping against hope, when I went into heroes_tv that there wouldn't be much stupid. And while the stupid was a bit old, that didn't take away from any of the stupid in this post.

D.L.'s death was racist.
Y'know, this is from my own community. The first community I created. Once upon a time, I cared enough to do something about posts like this. But now, fuck it. Snark is more fun.

Over in too_much_info, superjoanie is sooooooo horny, y'all! Gross! Does any one else get horny? Eeew!

No really, guys. She's past puberty! Why doesn't anyone believe her?

Yeah, it's lame. But it made me smirk...


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