October 22nd, 2007


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Such a small stupid, but the thread of comments on this post spiraled into stupid so quickly...

Over in vintage_ads, spuzzlightyear makes a post with an ad containing text like "When you have the face of a girl and the body of a woman" and "Baby oil can help keep a body that's been exposed to sixteen or so summers and winters baby-soft all over."

Naturally, some people think the ad is creepy.

bricology thinks this is all sanctimonius pc whining. Let the war begin!

He goes on to make brilliant comments like because you are against ads like this in a vintage ads community, you do not care about how it affects culture today...[several sentences skipped]...say that to my face and I would beat you up if this wasn't the internetz! and people who think this ad is creepy are just like the religious right, and you're being mean to me!.

Bonus points for the implications that wanting to date a young, pretty woman is JUST LIKE a woman wanting an emotionally committed man. (It's at the bottom of that very, very long comment that the implication is made.)

Edits: Bad grammar fixed.

Another Edit: My complaint is mainly with his stupid. Such as comments along the lines of meet me in person and we will have a fistfight! Seriously, grow up.
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Seriously, if it wasn't so stupid, it be beautiful.


Long story short, person gets banned from community, makes a new profile to post on said community. Starts rambling on about god knows what, posts some comic that has nothing to do with his ramblings. Then posts Fullmetal Alchemist trans-gender doujinshi that has nothing to do with his still ongoing ramblings. Continues on his rampage to post a anime music video. And to top it off, a recipe.

But look on the bright side, at least he knows how to lj-cut.

EDIT: Forgot to mention the horrid spelling.
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Oh _pregnant_, where would we get our lulz if you weren't around?

I haven't seen a good lulz from any of the pregnancy communities lately...and then this gem showed up.

Our fearless heroine paperdollyburnd has had a rough go at life. She's tried three times for a successful pregnancy and each time, someone else in her family gets pregnant at the same time. Now here she is, waiting until 12 weeks to tell her family, and wouldn't you know but her good for nothing slut of a cousin goes out and gets knocked up from a one night stand. Poor paperdollyburnd is so butthurt by the fact that her family will put all of the attention onto the cousin instead of her. How can they be so mean to her? Don't they know the hardships she's gone through? Oh, that's right...they don't. She didn't tell anyone.

Now our poor little snowflake will not get the parade she so rightly deserves!

Lulz continue in the comments where the camp is divided. Half of the lovely ladies in the community suggest she get back at this no good cousin who has the nerve to have an unplanned pregnancy by having a bit of a pissing contest when it comes to milestones in the pregnancy...the other half...well, we are sane and tell her she is being an annoying attention whore.

Small stupid, but it is making me laugh a bit.
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Childfree lolitas: Not actually as insane as the people causing wank about them.

valli_sama has never heard of the child-free. This does not bode well when new_xero innocently posts an advertisement for a new community, cf_lolitas (further proving that there are lj communities for FUCKING EVERYTHING, but I digress).

valli_sama reacts badly to a rather cute t-shirt posted as the community image (seemingly as a joke, because seriously? The shirt is kind of funny.) and compares childfree "hate communities" to the KKK. Drama ensues. Apparently, however, something being just an opinion and this being "THE INTERNET", it's okay to create drama wank even when the OP asks nicely for none.

margokennedy decides to play bingo, which leads to the classic statement that 90% of births are caused by oopsies. Funnily enough, nobody calls the poster on this incredibly odd statistic.

valli_sama returns to proclaim that people with children are way more mature than child-free and are not losers on the internet. After this, she pretty much descends into complete incoherency.


EDIT: Looks like the egl mods are on the case and replies have now been frozen.


Hello, first post for the win.

Small stupid, but it seems relevant to your interests. and such.

I'm part of a small community called brisneyland. It is a Brisbane based community. It is nearly magpie season in Brisbane.
kapitankraut makes a post here asking how to stop these fearsome black and white birds from swooping on him.

beckybecbec makes a rather trollish comment: "I LOVE magpie season!
I LOVE watching people get swooped and see them freaking out! HA HA!
I have been through many a drink watching and laughing!"

kapitankraut proceeds to snark like a bitch and talk about how BEING SWOOPED BY MAGPIES IS NOT FUNNY, GAIZ.

lol whut? i've grown up with magpie season every year. Its not that psychologically traumatising, ya know...

edit: woops, misread post. there's no spelling wank.

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