October 20th, 2007


Oh lord....

It had to happen.


2_lines   is normally a rather benign community, full of posts about love and life and moping, rather harmless and charming.


Some people are discussing the revelation that Dumbledore is gay and aliveinletters   decides that this makes Dumbledore's relationship to Harry somewhat awkward.

This, along with some other comments rather suprised me as the undertones weren't particularly positive. And so I posted this:

In just two posts, I read enough to make me very disappointed in 2_lines' reaction.

There's a certain undercurrent of homophobia in these comments that I dislike.

aliveinletters   comes in and tries to clarify by saying that Dumbledore's extreme interest in Harry is what makes her uncomfortable. This would make sense if Harry was just a normal student. But he's not.

When I try and point out that canonically, Dumbledore kind of HAD to take an interest and that that this probably had nothing to do with his sexuality, I am called closeminded.

(yes, I'm a huge HP nerd, no I don't care, yes this is grudgewank but I figured that it was still stupid)

EDIT: And she's made a pissy follow up post
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Gay = stupid, no?

In a post over in stretched ixnaythehombre gets upset when someone says that Brandon Boyd, the singer from Incubus, is actually gay. Oh my. GAY! Do you hear that? He likes MEN! That's REALLY offensive. In fact, the lovely individual goes on to tell the person who said such a mean thing to "stop talking shit" about people (because saying that a man likes men is talking shit about that man, of course!) and grow up.

Later on, completely upset by the comments directed at her, not to mention lack of apologies regarding Boyd's sexual orientation, ixnaythehombre exclaims that Brandon Boyd is SO incredibly important to her and we'll never understand HOW important. He's a celebrity. Of course he's really important to her. And of COURSE she's really important to him.

Small, yet stupid. Rubs me the wrong way somehow.

PS: Also, when someone says that he looks kind of "ugg" in the picture, the lovely stupid person here proceeds to say he's not a pair of boots. Read about it here

PPS: looks like someone couldn't take the lulz and deleted themselves from LJ! that would be ixnaythehombre, who is no more. Oh well, the stupid stays.