October 19th, 2007

My Name :)

Itty-bitty stupid to start your day. Dude is maaaaad.

Just some good ol' classic stupid.

Posting in hotel_workers, a girl who usually doesn't work nights posts a GOOD CUSTOMER story. She's in Daytona Beach from what I gather, and she likes the bikers who are staying at her hotel.

Cue ihatetexans, who hates bikers and everyone in the world ARRRGGGHHHH, so I tell him he bitches a lot. Cue him flipping out on me, too. Then another hotel worker comes in and posts a little snark about his spelling, and he tells her and her whole family to fuck off.

Heaven forbid someone have a GOOD day at work.

Sure, it could be grudgewank, but once he started flipping out on everyone, I LOL'ed and decided to post here.

EDIT: Holy shit, dude made his own post to bitch at EVERYONE, and I think he's flouncing now! I edited the tags on his entry just for him! :D

ETA2: BAHLEETED! I gots a screencap tho!

DAMMIT! He bahleeted all of his comments to us and bahleeted the journal! Oh, well, at least I got his flounce post!

Wow, the meta up in this here thread is aaaahhhhhh-mazing!

Those sly Democrats are at it again...

verytwistedmind posted in conservatism complaining about Democratic Senator Harry Reid. The post is viewable here.

I've watched the video several times, I honestly don't see Senator Reid trying to take the glory on any level; but I'm really amused by several of the histrionic replies (by conservatives), the letter is condemned as being "hate" mail (I've read it, it seems pretty balanced) but you can read it for yourself.