October 16th, 2007

Brains and Beauty

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Not an incredibly big stupid (yet - but it has potential), but lots of little gems for your morning coffee:

Over in bad_service, silentsymphonie posts about an allegedy neglectful waitress who (almost) made them too late for a homecoming dance. This is not the stupid, per se.

The stupid comes with visionofclarity, who, as a speshulsnowflake former waitress, says,"Just because your special snowflake selves didn't plan well and had to be obnoxious enough to ask for separate checks and use a credit card for one of them as opposed, oh I don't know, getting one check and paying in cash so you could leave it on the table and go?" Bonus points for "Teenagers make crappy customers" wank.

Bonus misunderstandings of the space-time continuum here, here, and here.

And, my favorite? Waitress/Server wank!
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C_S at it again.

ghet-toe fur-shur

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Over in fuckyoulist, rakshepsaar is all hot and bothered that mentally disabled people attend HISHER HONORS COLLEGE!!!111!!! OMG ONOZ!!111!!!

Fuck you, whoever it was in my college's administration who thought it would be a great idea to broaden my college's "diversity" by admitting a handful of mentally disabled people. Now, I am all for the rights of the mentally disabled. They're human too, and I have nothing against the people who were admitted themselves! But dammit, this is an HONORS COLLEGE. I worked my ASS off to get in here, as did everyone else.

Nevermind that others are arguing over whether or not the if word "honors" has an apostrophe in it.

ETA: My first stupid within a stupid.

ETA the 2nd: rakshepsaar got butt-hurt at people calling her out on her bigotry so she edited and friends-locked the entry. Here's the editing:

At this point I'm just tired of arguing. Have at it, because I'm not going to try to justify myself anymore. It's completely lost track of what I actually said.

Okay, look. Everyone who is accusing me of being bigoted and anti-retarded people is completely off the mark. I'm not elitist. I had a petty complaint that the intellectual environtment I was expecting here, which is stringently regulated in any other case (I was lucky to get in with a 3.8 cumulative GPA), is being broken by the attendance of the mentally handicapped. I never said that mentally handicapped individuals do not deserve to learn. I came here to be around other people with similar intellectual capacities and goals, and it's rather silly to presume that because I want to go to a higher-learning facility with other similary-abled people, I'm a pretentious bitch. That's kind of what colleges are generally for.

So it's not fair to be irritated that retarded people are here? Look, this is a competitive school with a very small student body. The slot filled by the girl blowing snot-rockets on the keyboard should have been filled by the person with the 3.7 GPA who got rejected.

Please keep things in their context. :(

Can someone call the WAAAAMBULANCE, plz?

ETA the 3rd: Thank you smoopy_bitch for the cap!
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