October 15th, 2007

Bury head in kitty litter...pretend OK

Ah, nothing like a little bender first thing in the morning...

OK, here's my first attempt at a stupid_free post. Please be kind. :-)

Over in bad_service, rotf_lmao posts drunk, and shows the world why this is a very, very bad idea.

She also seems to be a very ANGRY drunk. Ouch.

Just remember -- friends don't let friends post drunk. If she has any friends, make sure you "mother" her.

ETA: She does seem to be sobering up -- maybe she'll never go PWI again?

And POINTS to lickintoadz for this gem! Hee!

oops -- fixed the last link. Thanks for letting me know.</lj>
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(no subject)

Our old friend kat15lee has a sockpuppet, shy_love_77.

So kat decides to post as her sock to omg_too_soon a macro that it is neither funny nor too soon. (She also claims it's her first post there: LOL!) When someone points out the unfunny nature of her macro, kat explains what everyone who's ever used the internet before already knows.

ETA: She posted a fail macro. To her own sock. Now I'm genuinely concerned.

ETA2: Please take a look at the "current mood" on her post. Also, we have bonus stupid from another old friend.

Moms Suck Cocks?

It's totally sick that an adult woman puts pictures of herself having consensual oral sex up in a blog separate from her normal journal! They aren't even f-locked! I am outraged! OUTRAGED!

You keep on wanking, unl3ved. I'm sure your kids will be really proud when they find out what a prude you are.

EXTRA STUPID: The cock-sucking mom in question shows up and goes around being indignant at all the people who are making fun of the OP. MY SARCASMS ARE SO HARD TO DETECT, INTERNETS!