October 14th, 2007


In which we learn the importance of reading carefully

Today in techsupport, lols82 has a question for us all.

I have a advent laptop, which has been the source of many problems but my latest one is, on discovering a memory slot for my digital camera memory card, I do not for the life of me understand how it is supposed to work....

techsupport, being a community for those of us who work in it to take out our frustrations on the lusers without losing our jobs, is of course the best place on LJ to ask for advice on your tech problems. Now being confused by the name and thinking that perhaps here is a place where all your problems can be answered could perhaps be fair enough. But I dunno, if I had to go to this page in order to join a community, I'm not sure I'd risk it.

I'm inclined to hope she takes the advice the members have given, as it may help save the Internet.