October 13th, 2007

A Walmart Wank

 Put my unpaid items down so I can go to the bathroom? Craziness!

A sample: 

The women's bathroom up FRONT is blocked off by the cleaning person who unluckily for me decided to clean that one at JUST the wrong moment.

By now I'm doubly angry, in agony and nearly in tears. 
Edited to mention that we are talking about two items that the OP had. 

Another favorite line:

I do have my mom hold my stuff as I storm back to the back once more,

Deleted. Anyone have any screen caps?

PS: Sorry to be so slow on the edits. Just got back to the keys. 
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burger wank!


someone over in mock_the_stupid posts this entry about ordering a bacon cheeseburger. the waiter asked what she wanted on it, and she said only lettuce. so he brought her...only lettuce apparently ignoring that he asked her what she wanted on a bacon cheeseburger, not what she wanted, only. the poster snarks him in a non-flouncy way.

the stupid is found in the comments where some readers think this is a perfectly reasonable thing for the waiter to do despite the fact its not.

yes of course i commented there. i can't resist poking at stupid in mock_the_stupid .