October 11th, 2007


Three-day-old stupid: Chewier than fresh stupid

Over in my favorite goldmine of s_f material, mock_the_stupid, thornwolf makes a post describing a fairly stupid bank policy she encountered while attempting to get a replacement ATM card.

Unbeknownst to everyone in the community except ravensilverbird, the REAL stupid is losing an ATM card to begin with. ravensilverbird deftly thwarts all attempts to explain why this is illogical.

Bonus: "PIN number" wank.
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Abortion stupid strikes back!

Fanfic by Erika

Purses = wank? Who knew.

So, you see, there's this community called in_my_purse, which is, obviously, a community devoted to its members dumping out their purses and taking pictures of the contents. Seems like a simple and wank free concept, yes?

Not so.

It's starts with hlfchcknhlfsqrl making a typical post here. However, she put herself in every picture, however covering her face, then complaining that "i look hideous today, so no pictures of my face"

Anonymouse comments with "couldnt you of taken pictures of JUST the items?! without you in them at all?"

hlfchcknhlfsqrl shoots back with "no, i couldnt have... i dont feel comfertable turning my whole computer upside down to please you, mr anonymous" because "um... all i have is a Mac Computer with the built in camera, im too poor to have a digital camera...", which, to me, makes perfect sense. You do what you gotta do, you know.

End wank? Not hardly.

Bonus stupid: "Your profile claims your name is Harry, but here you say it's Sarah. Which is it? I'm confuseddd!!" Because no one has ever lied in the "Name" field on the profile, you know?
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