October 10th, 2007


Is that the smell of dumb wafting in the air?

bellasmommy posts in thequestionclub, asking "What do you think of someone who hooks up with another person, knowing that they have a girlfriend or boyfriend?"

zuckit responds with this gem: "1.Their single, so there not really doing anything that wrong.It's the one who is actually cheating that is in the wrong.Now if the person is married with kids, it's a whole another story because then youre fucking with a famiy."

I would now like to direct you away from zuckit's poor grammar and communication skills, for a moment. In response to zuckit's comment, verygwen asks "My husband and I aren't a "family" because we don't have kids?"

zuckit responds, tactfully, yes.

verygwen comes back with a "How perfectly narrow-minded." retort, but that's ok, because that's how zuckit rolls.

In conclusion, cottonmanifesto astutely points out that zuckit rolls like an idiot.