October 9th, 2007

Bender knitting

My misdiagnoses, let me show you them

It was just a normal day over at bestoffreecycle making fun of the parade of pathetic humanity who whine post to Freecycle, many of whom invoke their disabilities in order to get people to give them free shit. Nothing unusual.

Until readysteadystop shows up and informs us that fibromyalgia doesn't exist and that anyone with chronic pain issues should "take an ibuprofen and suck it up."

This does not go over well. People who suffer from chronic pain and other health issues? Using the Internets? Who knew?!

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CaPiTaL LeTtEr WaNk ... I HAS IT!!!

In an entry about pretty clothes, suddenly a stupid rears its head! Journiey posts a question and it has strange formatting!

Justuschickens snarks her!

And the fur flies!! Is journiey as creative with her insults
as she is with her CAPitalIZAtion???

ETA: My position is that journiey is going from Zero to Butthurt in a microsecond. If she insists on typing in a nonstandard fashion she should be used to having people question her by now. She attacks and her attacks are humorous to me.


Maybe eat a sandwich?

Over in bad_service, there's a special snowflake who is furious that her local Domino's dared to have technical difficulties with its ordering by phone or internet for HALF AN HOUR. That's right, it was practically forever!

Instead of finding another place to deliver or something else to eat, she then calls a different Domino's and expects them to know the other store's orders are, and is SHOCKED AND AMAZED to find out that Domino's #1 doesn't automatically route all calls to Domino's #2, which doesn't even deliver to her area. Because "Common sense says Dominos C would be able to handle Dominos B's phone calls... yes? No?"

My understandings of technomagic, let me show you them.

There's a whole lot of bitching and moaning and yelling at the people in Domino's #2 for not knowing what's going on at another store, and yet the store that is getting no money from her still manages to pull off incredible service and gets through to the store experiencing technical difficulties themselves (which the OP feels is freaky that they can magically do that), and gets her order placed for her.
leighton meester loves the bight lights

But see, they weren't underage boobies :(

So over in too_much_info, ugly_vagina has apparently been making some posts asking for advice on getting nipple piercings, and did a post with pictures of her newly-pierced boobs. It got deleted by a mod, evilgeneration due to the fact that it didn't appear to have any TMI and she didn't have a birthday listed in her profile so there was no way to know if she was underage and posting pictures of her boobs (child porn, anyone?).

Butthurt, ugly_vagina decides to make a sad post about how i am insulted that evilgeneration would think that i am underage because of the lack of a birthday in my profile, my previous off-topic posts, and probably due to the smallness of my breasts.

She admits that a lot of her posts didn't have any TMI, but she always makes disclaimers saying that, so it's okay then, right? And that post didn't have any TMI either, but she just had to "get it out there".

Interestingly enough, evilgeneration decides to make a dumb response post here about how "for the record", he does indeed love boobs.

Yep.. this had been posted here in sf_drama. My fail. The part about evilgeneration's response wasn't posted though.

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My GOD, I just hate it when customers spend extra money when I'm serving them! I mean, it's hard to make those desserts. I don't need your larger tip! I don't wanna work! Plus I'm gonna be super judgemental about what you're eating anyhow because that's so cool!

Extra points with the purple text. And really, it's not like she's got any new complaints to waiting_tables. :P

EDIT: Bahleeted. :( I'm at work right now (OHNOES) but I might have it still up on my computer at home. Most everything she said was copypastaed anyhow. Now, I will shut up and stop using bad memes. :P