October 8th, 2007

Blue Om

I'm not a Rennie, I just have the right to say who is and who isn't....

Hello! Long time reader, short-time commenter, just recently joined the community because a stupid happened on another community that I'm a part of (I signed up to join when the stupid first started happening, I just got approved, so I hope this being a few days old is still okay, and that it's a worthy stupid.)

So the rundown is ...jcterminal
deigns to "act as a messenger" to tell renfaire workers who does and does not deserve the title of 'rennie'...My elistism which isn't really mine, let me show it to you!

Once it becomes obvious the community disagrees with him, he quickly gets into name-calling and wishing AIDS upon various members of the community. Hilarious!

And here, he explains why everybody's jumping on his ass: ...Oh noes, I upset the rennie applecart!

Because self-correction makes you horrible.

 A customer called me and gave me the wrong date for shipping a package overnight. After I asked him to clarify, he did.... Just wanted to let you know what happens at work. Nothing too important. 

Edit: Deleted (sorry I took a while to post this edit, I was napping) 

See here for the text of what was said, and if someone saved screencaps, I'll edit again (cuz I failed to do that...I suck, too, I guess).

Abortion Wank

Over in conservatism, an OP was posted about women who are dying in Nicaragua because of a TOTAL ban on abortion (including involving entopic pregnancies and other life-threatening pregnancies). Serious and important topic, for sure.

Well, in response to a question in the OP about whether the pro-life people in the community would permit abortion in cases of a woman's life being in danger, macchaos writes, A complete and total ban. I'm not swayed by sob stories."

Because, you know, news articles about women dying is just a petty sob story.

Also, cdat1ad enlightens the group about why women shouldn't be permitted to get abortions: Women who get 'knocked up' and want an abortion are sluts who deserve to be pregnant, because all women want these days is to 'bang like bunnies' because they think it is 'empowering them or some such shit'"

As of now, the wank (and stupid) is continuing...

[Edit]: Whoops! That should be "ectopic" pregnancy, not "entopic."
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