October 7th, 2007

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0kingdom_hearts is one of the largest Kingdom Hearts communities on LiveJournal. This, obviously, means it attracts the batshit like delicious cake does fat kids (yeah, I went there).

Today's drama is brought by good Christian mother cool_mom_1969, who posts her touching story of a child's innocence lost, all due to that fiendish E-rated game.

Some people don't take her plight seriously! This may be because she speaks of a 'Grandma Goatse,' her journal was only recently created, and because her links ... all lead to an image of kittyloaf. Still, though, the truth is always heard, and playingly believes. And opposes her!!

"Um. hahaha. This is why I get scared when I call myself a Christian. ;O;"

... says the foul fiend, to which cool_mom_1969 responds:

"You're not a true Christian if you don't pass proper judgement on the evils of homosexuality."

So, to sum the community's response up, it all goes to hell.

In a handbasket.

We've got 524 replies and counting, kids! Batten the hatches, lash the sails, and hold firm to your gay, gay porn.

First post -- d-don't hurt me, baby :[

EDIT; And how could I forget this gem.

Hey lady? I think you're insane. I'm a 14 year-old homosexual. Don't you dare say I'm a mistake.

Attn: Stop shaving your pussy

DO NOT SHAVE LOLCATS. It is offensive to me.

Both sides have decent points, but the butthurt on the thread is making me titter. Here are my summaries because it's 3:30am and I'm going to bed soon.

Omgz replying to my comment. You are clearly being defensive.


Yeah well maybe you shouldn't RUSH TO BE SHITTY ON THE INTERNET. GOD.

I always love it when someone gets offended and rushes to call the other one shitty and defensive while simultaneously doing it themselves. I actually feel bad for pirish because he/she was trying so damn hard to be rational and logical in the face of crazy.

Also if I fooled you with the title. HAW HAW.
tw: mumspiration

What's a Sunday morning (U.S. Eastern Time!) without Homeless Wank?

mummy2kianna is shocked--shocked!--that a homeless person might have access to the internet.

Apparently, in Australia, unlike every other developed country with homeless people and public libraries, the homeless never go to libraries to use the internet. They are much too busy babbling incoherently, getting drunk, begging for change and otherwise fulfilling their Marginalized Person job description. It's a full-time job, people!

And even if they do, they are only allowed to have one browser tab open, and that is to a job search site.

But in the end, she just wants to show us her homeless hatred. Her homeless hatred, let her show you it.

However, on the up side, we all learn a new word today!

See if you can spot the bonus homeless people should never have pets wank.

ETA: I fail with the flocking. Sorry folks, it really is an excellent stupid and I got a little over-enthusiastic about posting it--thus with the failure. The new word, however, would be "twunt" which is helpfully described as "a portmanteau of 'twat' and 'cunt'". Thanks LJ linguistics fairy! I hearby command everyone to, instead of further commentary at my flocking failure, to use the word 'twunt' in a sentence. 
linda blair

HOT off the Press!


BOY some people will do just about ANYTHING to get their names in the papers!

DC Comics - Superman/Batman 2

Oh hai guyz, who wants to be my friend?!? ^__^

Small but earnest stupid.

suitcasefriend would like to increase the size of her f-list. Ho hum, so does half of LJ's userbase, right? Never fear, our little friend here has come up with a rather unorthodox way of accomplishing her goal:

I have come to the conclusion that I need new friends. Not that the friends I have now aren’t great and all, but everyone needs more friends.

So I am holding a contest!

Become my friend!

Now despite some nasty rumors, I’m not easy. So you have to woo me. You can woo me in any way. My favorite people on the planet are Wu Zun, Yamapi, Shige and Ryo. Oh and god himself Tegoshi Yuya.

The 5 people who woo me the best will win a personalized prize from me!

Sound like fun?

I’ll announce the winner on Saturday, October 13. SO START WOOING!!!!

She's spammed a number of J-Pop communities with that exact message. A nice little round-up post can be found here. Most posters react like you'd expect, however it seems that now and then someone actually takes her seriously.

In any case, someone should probably inform her that when you start whoring yourself out for LJ-friends, you don't get to be the one with standards.