October 4th, 2007


Conservatism stupid? Well I never!

So, in between a decent and civil discussion on taxes and economic growth, hunterkirk decides to point out his knowledge of American economic reality by claiming that most American middle-class households make 100K a year. Mockery ensues. Few comments as of yet, though hunterkirk has yet to attempt to defend his position, which often gets the wank up, as I've yet to see him back down from a ridiculous claim.

Here's hoping my HTML didn't fail.

Edit: Oh, HTML. How I hate you.

So as not to disappoint...

So over in _pregnant_, me_is_pink says that her husband decided to help himself to some sex, and now she might be pregnant again (only 3 1/2 months after the birth of her first child). She's not concerned about him helping himself, though. Because he *thinks* he might have a condition that makes him do sexual things in his sleep. He's really a sweet guy, when he's awake.

No wank so far, but you know she's just asking for it. ETA: The wank, I mean. XD

(Thanks to prego_drama for the heads up! :])
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Apparently, if your partner annoys you, you should divorce him or her and find yourself a better perfect partner!

The poor girl just had a child a few months ago. With major change sometimes comes major personality clashes, which you can a) work out between the two of you if you love each other, or b), take purple_mctacky's advice and JUST DUMP HIM! I don't know about you, but I don't expect my partner's personality to mesh perfectly with mine 100% of the time, but my wedding vows did say "for better or for worse"... but you can, you know, JUST DUMP HIM.

According to this logic, I should have JUST DUMPED my husband... when we first met. We drive each other nuts all the time.

ETA: I fixed it, I fixed it. (HTML, woe is me) -- And I also don't quite understand meta-stupid, so I fixed that too.

ETA...A: There are conflicting stories with this, but my meta-stupid still stands. There are couples out there that annoy each other, some more often than not, and sometimes, it's just the love between the two. My husband and I are like that. His parents think it's hilarious. To each their own, I guess, but jumping to divorce for everything is still fecking stupid, IMO.

Fuck, I'm not good at this. Still, meta-stupid posted is stupid, even if I'm fucking up the write-up.
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My inbox is never going to forgive me

Whut whut whut?

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When it was posted in randompictures, most people saw it for what it was. A couple of dumbass teenage girls putting weight on a single safety bar on a futon. (One pushing against it, the other actually using the bar to suspend her weight, but you all can see that) It is lols at a little bit of schadenfreude that was well deserved. (Anecdote: I used a towel rack in the bathroom when I was little for chin-ups. Naturally, it came off. I fell on my face. I, however, did not blame the towel rack company)

Someone quotes a movie. demonfafa takes offense to this.

"Really? so the company that made the shoddy sidebar gets away with making an inferior product, no matter how cheap it is, that can potentially injure someone?"

clobby says it best: "Hurdy durr dur."

Of course we need the random political soapbox comment, since left field was looking so lonely. My favorite part of the comment is:

"You treat common sense like it's a prerequisite for living. The law certainly doesn't see it that way."

Ummmm. Yeeeah. Remember that story about a guy who stuck a rattlesnake down his throat and was surprised when it bit him? I'd say common sense is pretty much standard for living.

And I know it seems like he's just arguing from a legal point of view (though I think anyone trained in any sort of law field would 'hunh?' at this) this comment should negate that feeling.

"I didn't make it, though I do use in online quibbling once in a while.

I think it's obvious you're taking this whole shebang from a societal point of view and I'm taking this argument strictly from a legal point of view.

Plus, by your icon, you look exactly like my ex, and that makes me argue more :-)"

Because we really need more people in favor of, 'Ouch I fell on my ass, I better sue the floor'.