October 3rd, 2007

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Over in ask_me_anything, unknownj wants to know just how great it would be if we banned the childfree from the internet, and possibly life.

Most lols derived from this sentence: "I know that given enough time, they'll die, and my descendents won't need to put up with their descendents, but I'm wondering if a more immediate solution is required. "

Childfreeism is genetic, y'all, that's why the current generation of childfreers don't have any parents and shit.
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SomethingPositive? SomethingStupid.

This got bigger during a reboot (mine that is), I thought it was just a teeny bit of grudgewank but I guess it is now SF worthy!


Comic artist gets pissy that people discuss errors on LJ, and not in private emails to him.

Most kiss his butt, begging forgiveness and telling everyone to stuff it so he doesn't pull his LJ feed.

A few (me included so slight grudgewank here) say he's got to get a grip and not threaten his fans. Other person (now other people) who feels that way gets told that they're ruining it for everyone, etc.
mike fielding is adorable

... and not a macro in sight.

Over in poor_skills, 2partswater is having some trouble with her landlord. Basically, she's being evicted from her apartment because the rental agency has decided that they no longer allow pit bulls, even though they were fine with them when she first moved in. This is wack, etc., but then the race wank train pulls into town:

"i can't believe people still come up with these stereotypes as any sort of argument! i mean, why not tell black people they need to sit at the back of the bus and assume all mexicans are part of gangs."

maniacalsecret agrees, but when called on their honky antics by circumlocutory, says she's just "being a dick for no reason."

Small at the moment. Potential for growth. Either way, it's fucking stupid.

EDIT: Sorry kids. I fail. It's locked. :(

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juicy_debutante: Do you pee with a tampon in during your rag?

My friends and I somehow got on this topic and I discovered most people dont change theirs everytime they pee. I dont get how though.. cause the pee like gets on the tampon.... ok im done


NSFW due to the diagram I posted of a woman's bits.


juicy_debutante: "period blood is technically pretty sanitary. Pee not so much."

si_infuria: LOLWTF. Pee comes out of the body completely sterile.

JD: ok fine. but period blood is just BLOOD. so they are both equally meh.

checkpointme:Not so. The reason you menstruate is to shed a layer of blood and other tissues from the lining of the uterus. This is why menstrual blood is of a different consistency than normal blood, because it also contains thicker tissues not typically found in the bloodstream.

JD: im a bio major. and obviously i knew that. but that doesnt make it any less sanitary than pee was my freaking point.


ETA: OK OK OK fine lots of you pee on your tampon string and find that to be unsanitary and icky for various reasons so you change it. I guess it's just something we don't talk about too much. :) That said, I think the biology major business can stand on its own.