October 2nd, 2007


Ville Valo says it represents love and hate, so do I!

Some dumb twat over in the tattoo_ink community brags about her crappy coverup - a homemade Peace sign that gets covered by a even crappier HIM heartagram.

I got a heartagram tattoo done Friday. =]
It's wicked awesome.
The heartagram base was stenciled on, but the rest was done freehand.
Not to mention it covered up a homemade peace sign.
He's amazing! [The tattoo artist.] =]

pinktutu, with a bitchin' Boondock Saints icon, cuts down on the bullshit and calls her out on the symbolism, while various users try to logically separate the dumb.

Unlocked at time of posting, and mocked via badtattoos_4 previously.

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I'm a stupid_free post virgin so go easy on me. I believe this to be a pretty decent stupid.. but you know i won't go screaming from the hills if you think otherwise.

over in parenting101  people love to talk about the wonder that is their children. It's all very sweet, and the questions, while occassionally dumb just put a little smile on your face.. that is until trenthamfamily  shows up to post oh so adorablezzz pictures of her baby being smothered by a large animal  okay not so much smothered... perhaps cuddled would be better?

Your probably thinking if mommy thinks big fiddo is not attempting to smoosh the baybays then what do i care? what is the stupid you ask? The stupid revolve around a. people being appauled that others are midly disturbed by the display and b. that mommy's who will slice off your nipples for not breasfeeding kidlet thing this is a completely legit activity to involve your child and pet in.

unlocked when posted here.

EDIT: I have FAILED. return to your regularly scheduled programs. However big props for funny pictures, with the exception of jesus which was terrifying. 
stokes detonation

Earth science: not just for people who live in those countries or have even visited them.

In egl, a community for gothic and lolita fashion, serena_skylark informs us offhandedly that most of the world is about to come into the fall and winter season. Which, population-wise, is true, but she doesn't know that.

The stupid parts:

An astute member of the community gently points out that it's actually just half the world, and serena_skylark defends herself by saying, "I just don't remember what countries have the summer season except Australia."

When iheartretards (I gotta admit, I have much love for that username) accuses her of being dumb, she excuses herself from the realm of the educated, saying, "I've never lived in those countries or even visited them".

EDIT: Aw man, I'm a retard. Sorry, sorry.
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The thought of poor women having lots of children because she's using affordable fertility prescriptions disturbs sand_woman greatly.

She is also very worried that women "in communities that value breeding so greatly" may be forced to take them because they are affordable now.

It just concerns her when people are trapped into poverty by children. Which is why she welcomes the cheaper birth control.

krisbythesea1 agrees. In fact, they take it one step further in the humanitarian direction by declaring how tempting the thought of forced abortion or sterilization is because some people are like rats and ferrets.
Besides, if people really wanted to be parents, they would adopt.

In the meantime:
Boo-hoo, I get flamed for be think teh poorz breed 2 much :'(

Oh, and the community this is all going on in?


Edit: Locked and I totally didn't notice. :(

Us Americans & And Our Non-Free Speech

So, while we're all merrily wanking about 2nd Amendment rights and whatnot, tovasshi decides to assert that here in the USA you must become a politic to have the right to free speech or you can only freely say what they deem apropriate to say.

Most people do a "WTF?", more for her grammar than anything else. Some of us disagree.

To prove her point, she points out that hate speech laws prevent us Cafe Americanos from saying what we like. She then provides sources, most of which appear suspect.

Not daunted in proving her point, she then decides that editorial opinions and essays are proof positive.

Why, yes, I suppose it is grudgey. But still, remarkably stupid.
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libertarianism stupid

fine_clarity posts to libertarianism to promote his new community, ind_autonomists. The whole post is really a teal dear mess, but the best part comes when he tries to explain how "individual autonomists" are different from "competitionists":

"An other difference between competitionists and individual autonomists is in the method of argument. Competitionists have a tendency to intimidate and belittle their opponents, such as by using terms such as 'bullshit' and 'idiotic'. Fascists and theocrats also show that behavior, because it is related to authoritarian ideology. Individual autonomists have no such tendency."


"Yet another difference between competitionists and individual autonomists is in the portrayal of one's opponents. It is typical of competitionists to falsely portray their opponents as having an ideology or beliefs that are very different from what they are, often the opposite of what they are. For example, the competitionists libel people that support regulated capitalism as supporting socialism. Not only competitionists, but people of ALL of the popular ideologies exhibit such libel behavior, including fascists, theocrats, theist socialists, and equalists (leftists). Only a few rare ideological types, including the individual autonomists, do not do such behavior."

Um, sure. Okay.

There is plenty in the post itself to snark, so I wasn't even going to bother to check out ind_autonomists's user info, but once I did, this was too good not to be included:

"To preserve the livable-land-per-person ratio, we support population control, that is, an enforced maximum number of offspring that a person can have. That number will initially be 4, but if too many people make the maximum number of children, then it will be reduced to 3 (which, notably, is far more liberal than China's 1). Violators will be forcibly sterilized. Any child that dies at a young age shall be subtracted from a person's maximum. Any child that is mentally retarded or seriously deformed, which the parents opt to have euthanized (as would only be allowed in such cases), shall be subtracted from a person's maximum."


ahhhh Fat Wank, always the best.


thankfully in the metaquotes community he is getting hell for his post

and where it originally began


and if you look at the bottom of the customersuck post you will find some lovely welfare wank.

edit: sorry guys I'm very uncreative with my writeups, it happens.  I admit I'm stupid as well. And it's my first post.

edit 2. so either I suck at life html, or LJ hates me, I'm going with the latter

EDIT 3: screw you LJ!
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