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October 1st, 2007


Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, step right up and see wank of the highest quality.

This wank has it all, race, class, politics, and insults. I can't even begin to tell you the horrors you will see inside.

For only a quarter you can see the 500 comment post, the line forms to the left. Or, well, in this case the line forms to the right.

Subjunctive wank!

Over in postsecret, there's a postcard:

        I wish I were the girl he thought about when he turned his face away during sex

It's kind of a silly thing to be upset about--I turn my face away during sex all the time, and it's not to imagine someone else.

standrewsfall has a different problem with the postcard, though:

        Maybe if your grammar was a little better, he'd be more interested in you.

EDIT The stupid here is that standrewsfall corrected subjunctive use that was already correct, and used the subjunctive incorrectly to do it.

I guess the idea of correct grammar being attractive in a woman is kind of silly, too, but it's not hilariously full of fail.

EDIT LOL at "subjunctive case". Man, nobody comes out of this one looking classy.

EDIT The snarkee has made an appearance, taken the requisite licks, and learned a lesson. Well done, standrewsfall. My hat to you, sir.
wtf_inc: people go there to post things. Things that have a good chance of making people go shout about alcoholic beverages and old-fashioned dance steps. Obviously, not everyone WTFs at the same thing.

_tealeaves however, seems to have missed a few memos, and basically reposts goatse for the masses.


She writes with regards to an article discussing a Brazilian woman who recently gave birth to her own grandchildren:

EWW! I hope they never tell the kids, I would probably vomit if I found out I was in my grandma's womb.
makes me think of "I'm my own grandpa" except not.

ps. adoption, plz. stop going through such great lengths to make new babies.

The maturity is not strong with this one. Not to mention that it's wtf_inc not wank_about_news. But wait! Maybe I'm wrong. Other people seem to be misreading the name of the community.

caittails: Honestly, I don't see the point in surrogate mothers. I mean...it wouldn't make any sense for me, anyway. I KNOW that unless I push the fuckers out of MYSELF, I'll never feel for them what you're supposed to feel as a mother. I could never adopt, because it would just be like, Eh...so it's a kid. So what? And the same would go for getting a surrogate mother. I'd have to have the kid INSIDE ME for me to feel anything for it.

No pedos in this one... yet.

Bite-size stupid

I live in PA and get paid under the table. How do I file taxes?

stacerific: I think your definition of 'under the table' is different than most peoples.
seanmoransucks: I don't think so. When I say check, I mean I get paid via personal check.

Just a little fun sized stupid in preparation for Halloween. Yay, October!

Illegal much?

theskygazer over in poor_skills is feeling a bit low on cash so she is thinking of selling plasma, donating eggs or Donating a kidney seems a little extreme

You can't sell organs!!! :O


Damnit, locked. Sorry guys. :(


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