September 30th, 2007

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Screw the children, let's fight about strikethrough some more

LJ is doing this drive where you can request a free $30 certificate and use it for a donation to a classroom project of your choice. This is proof that people can use anything as an excuse to wank. People mention strikethrough and bitch about how this is really just some selfish desire on the part of lj to donate money to charity. There's more stupid scattered through there, including that lj shuffled it off to lj_biz instead of posting it in news where people would actually see it.

Saturday night shenanigans leads to Sunday afternoon stupid.

whoresatmydoor tells us in newyorkers this morning that her "man" was "arrested for not paying for metrocards" last night while out getting drunk with his friends. Even better, the cops held him because "he has a warrant for something". She asks the group for information trying to figure out where he is and when she can expect his return.

But the reason she's asking the community? "i figured you might know the answer to this, because, really, who hasn't been to jail?".

When people predictably inform her that generally avoiding jail is not all that hard in NYC, especially if you don't try to drunkenly try fare evasion on the subway(not even getting into the outstanding warrant thing...), she replies that "well, he's that kind of drunk."

So... he's an idiot? Yeah, I think we already figured that out.

Bonus lulz for you're just jealous that you haven't been to jail and the edit to the OP, which makes it clear that you shouldn't stay in your apartment on the computer all day, *unless* of course, you're helping her.

Well, clearly, she needs it.

Lulz for your afternoon.
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