September 29th, 2007

stupid psycho friends


fluff makes a post in bad_rpers_suck freaking out on a player in their roleplay for using the "n word" in character and mentions that they banned the player for two weeks.

The rest of the community disagrees with the OP's reaction but the OP spends about a day defending her point . After basically the entire community tells her that she's stupid for reacting this way, she gets butthurt and adds an edit to the post: "lolololol you got trolled ♥".

The OP continues to use the word "lolololol" as she desperately tries to explain that she "did it for the lulz" and she got the idea because "something similar happened to her friend." Also, apparently, cat macros stopped being funny three years ago. WRONG.

Favorite comment: at least you tried.