September 26th, 2007

the bow

"Phbt, if only."

is there any way to discreetly ship a small amount of weed in the mail? in a bag of coffee, perhaps?

a few people give ideas:
  • "I wouldn't really recommend it, but you would probably have better luck using UPS or FedEx maybe?"

  • "I would say it is the person receiving the package that is at risk as you could just put it in a jiffy bag and drop it in a mailbox. I suspect a better option may be to buy a bottle of vodka and then let as much herb as you are willing to risk/waste/send steep in it. the TCH disoves into the alcohol over a few weeks. then strain out the weed and send the bottle of tainted vodka to your THC starved friend."

  • one person asks, "Why would you even think about doing that?"
    OP responds with semantics: "i didn't say i was thinking about doing it, i was wondering if it's possible."

    ETA: oops, took too long. ):
    ETA, again: making the statement that I know I failed more obvious.
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    omg wtfeth?

    First post here

    The community multiplicity is for people either suffering from (or enjoying) Multiple personality disorder.

    Someone a while back posted about their experience with multiplicity claiming that one of their personalities was Smarterchild, the AIM bot.

    The same person made a quick follow-up post claiming that one of their personalities was a vampire.

    What makes this extra-stupid is the way the community embraced and tried to help out the poster.