September 24th, 2007


this is the ninth or tenth time this issue has come up in fatshionista....

never say "retarded" in an oppressed... fashion community.

poor shannonymous tries to contribute, but her word choice incites the masses to complain.

she responds, "After the sixth person mentioned to me they weren't okay with me saying 'totally retarded' I felt bad that I offended them because I care about everyone in this group and was even considering editing myself.

After the sea of paragraphs about peoples personal lives regarding disabilities, I felt bad that they didn't understand me and were totally off the mark about me"

unlocked at time of post.


My first Stupid since lord_snot gave my bottom that long, hard ban spanking!

Now, I'm of the opinion that OMG FLOUNCE POSTS are just Stupid automatically. But a couple of additional points to consider:

--We gheys are nasty to one another. It's just how it is. We'll be all over some straight guy who's a little overweight, but a gay guy with an ounce of fat on him we'll turn around and call him "Jenny Craig." I'm generalizing, but just visit a fag bar, you'll overhear it.
--The very name of the community is freaking bitchy: whateverfaggot. Don't you think that would clue you in a little?
--While not specifically a snark community, all you need do is lurk for about five minutes to notice that most of the comments on there are brutally honest, never sugar-coated in the slightest, and at worst, hit below the belt.
--WTF Disabling comments on your posts to an ADVICE COMMUNITY. =\]

I wouldn't be surprised if the flouncey generated a whole new round of LULZ unto itself.

excruciatingly boring personal anecdote fart rant with comments disabled
separate response to fart post due to comment disabling
judgemental linguistic political bullshit rant with comments disabled
tl;dr crosspost from personal LJ with comments disabled]

Unlocked/ unbahleeted at time of posting.
[EDIT3: bahleeted and screencap courtesy of the lovely and talented snatchbeast.]