September 23rd, 2007

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I'll do it anyway even if I have to break your stuff to do it!

Oh, I love it when stupid hits right before sleep.

target_guy works at a hotel, and does a customers_suck rant about people bringing in their own game systems/DVD players with them to plug into the room TV here. And this understandable because some people either don't hook that stuff back up or break it.

Now most of the commenters are saying they do it anyway, mostly because because a hotel's selections on movies and games suck and are overpriced, or they're at a con and that stuff doesn't really cater to the con. (And honestly, I've done it too, if and when I could. And if I did, I've always hooked it back up proper when I left.) But starliteunicorn apparently centipedes in her vagina over it. So she comments about hooking up stuff anyway to play her own crappy games. And watch her own crappy movies. And will still do it, even though it means destruction of property.

And her dumbassery, er, outrage over not being able to bust up someone else's TV to do what she wants on it cannot be contained in c_s alone, so she has to post a grudge wank over in bad_service. Because a grudge wank post always means you've proved your Internet point and won. (And by won, I mean lost. Badly.)

Edit: Bonus Stupid! obnoxion says it's a dump if you not paying better than $100 a night for it. Double props to vorona and igiveyoumylife. (For the post over in dot_class_snark) Oh, and welcome to the party.

Edit 2: I forgot: First actual post, blah blah blah, be nice, blah blah, I can grab my own ankles and bring my own lube, blah.

Edit 3: Here's some backpedaling/covering of ass. And the hotels <3 her too.

Really! I drive good drunk!

Over at austincommunity, pragomatic is so darned excited about her upcoming trip to Austin that she asks the locals how to avoid sobriety checkpoints after she leaves her party of choice. She is slapped down good and proper in the comments, thank goodness, although she doesn't seem to think so.

Also, bonus points for her implication that no one "old" ever has any fun.

ETA: OK, troll, and an inept one at that, but I'm still enjoying the comments.

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In ohnotheydidnt someone posts a screen cap of the first winner of America's Next Top Model's myspace where she expresses some edgy opinions regarding BET and Black History month.

And because of the onslaught of a jillion comments we have such gems as:

- Regarding Jews in the inevitable pissing contest of oppression - "Black people enslaved them to build the pyramids." History is hard guys.

- And what about all those white holidays like St. Patrick's day, and Memorial Day and ummm... Chanukah?

- Being perceptive enough to know how many of your friends are of a particular race makes you racist (not to be confused with the "I'm not racist because I have three black friends" stupidity, which is rampant as well.)

- Then of course there's one girl feverishly running from thread to thread pointing out a laundry list of similar offenses on other races, but she is told, don't worry they all suffered and got their month so what are they complaining about?

- And the inevitable boo hoo, slavery happened, get over it!

- Someone misses sarcasm spectacularly but it's okay, they're not from America and there's no such thing as sarcasm racism in Canada.

- No one hates/hated Jews in America, just Germany! I'll take 1940s American immigration policy for 300, Alex.

- When have white people ever suffered, huh? Oh wait, you just gave me examples to the contrary? Well now I'm going to modify it to when have white people suffered because of their race?

- And of course everyone loses their damn mind over being called a cracker.

I'm tired guys, can I stop now? I'm pretty sure you can fill in every space on the racism bingo card on this one anyway if you're willing to wade through 20 pages of comments.

EDIT: This was posted already, crap. This is what I get for missing the internet on Yom Kippur.
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Over in thequestionclub, yavah is upset at being summoned for jury duty. He is an hourly worker and can't afford to miss several days of work if he gets put on a jury.

But it's not really the money that's the problem. It's a constitutional problem.

He gives a long, detailed argument where he shows, philosophically, that the government is trampling his right to the pursuit of happiness by requiring him to do jury duty.
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violet_tigress1 has been spamming both oc and occali with posts regarding disabled people. None of us knew why.

Apparently, she's pissed because she's disabled and all the younger disabled kids can't be bothered to use a walker like her. Also, she never sees disabled people anywhere. It's like they don't exists in Orange County. Or some shit.

She also thinks EVERYONE thinks she's "Like, omg! That's just nasty. Srsly. Those gimps should stay home. Can't they all just be put in a home somewhere we don't have to look at them?". Never mind that it's probably NOT the case.

What does this have to do with Orange County? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Yay for posting things that aren't related to the community you're posting in. Good job, violet_tigress1!


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Because everyone knows Hollywood directors are totally open and honest!

ohnotheydidnt prove themselves to be bastions of cultural sensitivity here. You can read the background story here, but basically the boy who plays a character in The Kite Runner who gets raped is worried about the reception of the film in Afghanistan and expresses the belief that he was manipulated by the producers into taking part in the scene (he wasn't given the script before filming, they pressured him, etc etc). Oh, and he was paid what is basically peanuts in comparison to standard Hollywood salaries. It's all pretty shady.

The denizens of ohnotheydidnt, however, are almost unanimously decided that the boy and his parents are idiots, and it's all their own fault.


"can they not read or what?"
"maybe the kid should of read the book."
The whole point of the movie is to de-stigmatise rape! Clearly the boy shouldn't be afraid at all!
'you can't tell me they don't have a fucking library or the internet.'
Rape is just as badly looked-upon everywhere else! (Yeah, being a rape victim sucks wherever you are, but... are they stoning rape victims in the US still? I didn't realise.)