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September 22nd, 2007

moar racewank

Over in that bastion of intelligent thought and expression ohnotheydidnt, this tl;dr wall of rambletext on the racism of BET and black history month is reposted from adrienne curry's blog. This is stupid enough but considering that it's ONTD the comments are gold. Get yer bingo cards people, we've got it all.

Butthurt, table for one

duck_doesnt_do pages Dr El Jay on ask_me_anything.

There are two things wrong with her post:
1) She acknowledges in the question itself that she's probably not going to like the answers she gets
2) Her font is tiny, a violation of the community rules

Most commenters answer her seriously, but a couple of people bring up the tiny font. She also gets some not-so-nice tags.

So naturally, she makes a follow-up post that is again in a non-standard font, whining about meanies on the internet.

Yeah. That'll make things better.

ETA: The second post got some funny tags, but then was edited to a normal font and the tags were deleted. Then unknownj decided to get ban-y.

The short bus flyer

Now that the b0st0n community is over the blow up story of the genius MIT student, we have more mundane posts like this flyer. This wonderful work of art contains random asterisks for no reason, font changes just for the hell of it, woeful misspellings, and some anal beads looking image right in the middle. It looks like it was designed by Mongo who rides the short bus.

Excuse me while I burn some insence while getting some much needed message therapy.


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