September 21st, 2007

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Omg I'm an idiot!

Funny, I know lots if illegals with 2 or 3 jobs each. There's jobs if you're willing to work!

ETA: WTF!! I have a major case of teh stupid today. Wrong window! But since I'm here I think this is stupid. Over in thequestionclub, poor thephoenix29 hates the Duggars. They are irresponsible for having 17 kids, even though they support themselves and all that crap.

Some stupid in the comments about what they are teaching their kids.

It's been a shitty day! I studied the wrong chapter for a test today and now you're all gonna laugh at me for posting a comment as a stupid. Oh well!
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Poppin' mah cherry

First stupid. Over in cf_hardcore someone posts an actually pretty cool pro- birth
control sticker she has on her car. That is not the stupid. The stupid lies in this statement;
I've been yelled at, given the finger, cussed out, leered at, nearly run off the road, called a baby-murdering dyke, all by people who obviously didn't use BC and wound up with a pack of brats they don't want.

Oh, my.

***Edit: Because some people are wondering, the stupid in my eyes is not the CF, or even her (admittedly fishy) story about her constant harrassment about the sticker. It's her assertation that anyone who dares get mad over the sticker is "people who obviously didn't use BC and wound up with a pack of brats they don't want." Because really, it couldn't have been some form of religous fundie or, yanno, someone mad because she's a shitty driver.
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some ONTD stupid

Minor stupid, but more than once. So over in ohnotheydidnt, somebody posts some Britney Spears/Sean Preston pictures. The article points out how discolored young Sean's teeth are, so of course everyone starts yapping about that.

_82ndstreet shows up and declares "whatever. he'll lose them anyway." Never mind the fact that dental health (even as a child) has an effect on your cardiovascular system. And gum disease sure as hell isn't just going to fall out. So prayer_hater comes thisclose to calling them on it, but decides to go the "he's going to go to school and have to deal with other kids making fun of his jacked up teeth" route.

Then, _82ndstreet makes their first stupid. Because apparently, "nobodys going to make fun of him hes birtney (sic) spears son. get real". Right. Because people won't make fun of him even more for that.

prayer_hater won't leave it alone, and won't let _82ndstreet go without realizing their stupid. _82ndstreet changes their original opinion, and says it doesn't matter anyway, because the pictures are photoshopped. When prayer_hater asks for the proof, _82ndstreet comes up with what apparently is the best comeback they had, and throws out a "uhm go to hell".

Obviously not ftw.

Stupid over in food_porn??!? Really?!?

So over in food_porn, we have an entry about Cooking Definitions seen here.

Apparently, someone gets in a twist about the phrasing of the Arab Coffee definition seen in this thread and now everyone's a racist because "let's all bring out tired,stereotypical remarks about Arabs with guns.
Never mind that the definition is about Arab coffee and not actually about the Arab population as a whole.