September 20th, 2007

Hope for the flowers

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conceptualpete  is an atheist, who clearly does not believe in God. She is, however, raising her children as Christians, to believe in "a mystical being with lofty ideals (like liberals) and certainly no real damage is done."

I find this whole thread to be full of stupid. Check it out.

EDIT: I fail, but i still thought it was a fucked up idea & the post + some of the comments = full of stupids.  =P

And here I thought WOW was for killing mythical beasts and gathering herbs

I appear to have been very wrong, at least according to Abhorrent Taboo.

The fact remains that however wrong I might have been, I am still less wrong than some of the people discussing this latest round of World of Warcraft based drama over at worldofwarcraft, some of whom have an uncanny ability to confuse apples with oranges and pedophilia with bondage. Namely, mikepictor in this thread.

Quothe mikepictor:bdsm is an activity that represents something which would be illegal in the real world, but with a consenting adult, is instead practiced in a safe and consensual environment.

I put age play in a very similar light. The act it represents would be illegal to the point of horror in reality, but that's not what they are actually doing. They are pretending, and pretending doesn't hurt people (or shouldn't).

Good for mikepictor! Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to go beat my head on the wall until I draw blood and/or brain matter.

Edit: This is the 2007, people. If you're not happy, make with the kittens. Nothing says "this stupid displeases me" like cat macros.
cap, captain miss america

There is race wank everywhere today!

Still a little stupid, but it's REALLY stupid.

Over on bad_rpers_suck, fluff is upset by a player using the n-word in a game. I'm a little confused by all the crap in the post, but whatever, valid thing to be upset about? Some people disagree.

However, upon further reading, we get schooled by angelheart13 about howThe n-word doesn't have any racial connotations and how horrible it is that people bastardize the word by saying it only refers to black people!

This is backed up by pig_catapault who says it means "an uneducated person!"

We learn new things every day!

ETA Despite the fact that the major amounts of stupid were coming from the commentors, the OP decided that we were mocking her and decided to call herself out as a troll! Double the stupid yay! When called on not really being a troll, she says she is rusty like your mom.