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September 19th, 2007

In fanficrants, tealeavesgreen makes a post about circumcision. Generalizations galore. People correct her on whether or not "Christians" circumsize. And, of course, people bring out female circumcision. Someone also corrects the plural of penis here. Not stupid, but rather fascinating.

ETA:the link to the post itself

Why doesn't God give me my perfect wife?!

9chambers is a 36-year-old Christian male virgin, waiting for God to provide the right woman for him - and in christianitysex, he vents his frustration that it's not happening.

Considering his standards and total unwillingness to reconsider, it's not all that surprising. She has to be as pretty and fit as him, must not be divorced, must not have kids, must be a Christian, must be 26 or older, must be, in his words, a "total package".

I'm not going to date someone unhealthy, ugly or dowdy. I expect God to provide someone as cool as what the world had to offer me -- a total package.

80% of the women I know are pretty. Most of them just happen to have men. It's the single ones over 25 who aren't that great.

Why do my friends deserve better? Those guys suck. I'm as good of a guy as them. Why should I lower my standards? Why me?

Every helpful comment will be answered with insults, toward women in general and the commenter in particular. Also, he doesn't seem to do anything to get the woman of his dreams. No going out, no talking to women, just whining that there's nobody pretty and pure over 25 available in Indiana.


ETA: So, he turned down great women when he was younger, because they were not Christians. That somehow entitles him to having someone way cool now. And "aww" to all the poor women who didn't get him.

Whoever I end up with, she better be worth it. Otherwise, God owes all those other women apologies. And I do.

ETA 2: Now why didn't he say any of THIS in the OP? Might have spared him some wank.

Because we all love Meta

korean_guy_01 is an expert on child abductions. So long as you teach the kid how to scream it's totally cool to leave them in a public place alone for a few minutes. Child abductors have never been known to snatch a kid while their parent is off somewhere, and no arsenal a kidnapper's got could ever compare to the power of... a kid throwing a tantrum?

Oh, wait.


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