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September 18th, 2007

the word 'fiduciary' comes into play

Okay. Feel free to flog me with macros if I'm failing in any way. Or not? But.

radiata_prime "[throws] the gauntlet down" at naturalliving

Read it. It's worth it.

A sampling, for the skeptical:
I want people to be able to post diagnostic request posts. I want to answer these diagnostic posts. Numerous members of the community share my sentiments. I've seen explicit attempts to quash speech of both numerous times here, and I've archived the entirety of the community via lj-archive, so I have all the evidence necessary. I'm entirely certain I can obtain the identities of the community members by subpoenaing six-apart for moderator IP addresses, then the ISPs that provide those addresses, as well as specific members of the community, in case I need them to testify in court via court summons.


So the moderators can start allowing diagnostic posts on here. Or I'm filing suit by the end of the month, naming the community moderators as defendants. I'd prefer the latter really. I need to practice my oral arguments and could use the extra credit. Oh, and I strongly recommend not deleting this post. I've taken a good deal of time and effort to write it, and it serves as the basis of my cause of action, the act itself would be furthering my complaint, serves as public legal notification for my complaint and what I consider remedies, and I intend to recover punitive exemplary damages should this post or any comments be deleted, and that goes for you too, representatives at Six-Apart.

The whole thing ends with a John Stuart Mill quote. Nothing much in the comments yet, but I think that's only a matter of time. Comments are picking up, with some distinct WIN emerging.

EDIT: SRY GUIZ, BAHLEET'D. But lovely lapsarianesque has provided us with the original text here here. Thanks!

Submitted For Your Amusement

Hay Guise!

Over in omg_too_soon, the ever Puckish rfjason trolls the fuck out of a community full of trolls by posting a gross-out lolcat.

From the community profile: "For all things offensive, lulz.. and TOO SOON"

Do not click the following link if you are:

  1. Easily offended

  2. Eating

  3. A member of PETA

  4. Pregnant or will become pregnant anytime soon

Dead cat = worse than the Holocaust.

kamdrimar demands an lj cut. "Um. Yeah. Cut please. I know this community is meant to post offensive shit, but that's not offensive so much as sickening."

naughty_fairy calls fail!, "oh see a do, getting anY old picture and putting words on it, does notmake a funny. How is a mashed cat head relevant to a rally driver/heliaccident?"

Special appearance by kat15lee, who is still tilting at windmills.

Remember kids, gross out communities are only funny until someone posts something you disagree with.

ETA :fordanglia has rendered the offensive image in MS Paint for those of you who are too squeamish to look for yourselves. El Oh El
newyorkers, where questions like "where can I buy this DVD" and "where can I buy these flipflops" run rampant. Where people ask things without even bothering to google it first. Where hipsters play and real new yorkers groan in embarrassment. Where...

Oh, right. The stupid.

i just wana know for sure if a friend who claims to be doing grad studies in finance at NYU, currently taking 3 classes for fall, is actually really enrolled in NYU. is there any way of finding that out for sure?

i dont wanna be the creepy stalker friend so is there any way to know for sure? perhaps maybe online? the friend has been out of reach for days and im worried that something might have happened or i was just really conned.


he happens to be the mysterious boyfriend of 2 weeks and yes im gonna drop him once i found out he's not.


haha i dont know coz im a foreigner?

She doesn't want to seem like she's stalking him by not trusting what he says, so naturally it's better for her to just ask the Internet if she can do a background check on him. And really he's probably just some sneaky New Yorker trying to pull the wool over a foreigner's eyes! She won't fall for that trick, you know!

Teh evul trannies!

So over in feminist, demonista asks for radfems to speak up and prove academia wrong.

Somehow, this veers into her saying that trans people are just perpetuating gender norms and deserve to be subjected to her critique because she totally kinda used to want to be a dude and obviously knows how every trans person ever feels.

Also, everyone has prominent adam's apples and surgery is a tool of the patriarchy.

I'm probably going to get banned from feminist for this, but goddamn if that stupid didn't deserve to be shared.


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