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September 17th, 2007

Over in cityofmilwaukee, xandria201 makes a post lamenting the fact that a local cafe is going to become a non-smoking establishment. A few people comment, both in favor of the ban and against the ban. No drama there; I only mention it because it makes what happens next seem that much more WTF.

Apparently, 3vilang3l is SO PISSED OFF by some of the comments to xandria's post that she decides to make a tl;dr post to the community to let us all know that we non-smoking, conservative tools of The Man need to go back to the suburbs where we belong and leave the alternative misfits (synonymous with "smokers" dontchaknow) to their hip, urban, smoky hangouts. Something about racism, and lemmings, and...I don't know.

Race Wank, Southern' Fried

In regards to the Jena Six case, where some white kids hung nooses from a tree because those wacky darkies decided they should be allowed to sit under it.

I agree that the white kids involved deserve to be punished as well. The noose incident was disturbing, but I wouldn't go so far as to call it a terroristic threat. It could've just been a taunt. The white kids could've just wanted to start a fight. Maybe they should be charged with insinuating a riot?

nooses are just nooses, guys! they were just taunting the black folk! it's not like, a death threat or anything!

edit: yeah i had no clue that beachbabe_4ever was featured here a few times lately. Now that I realize that account is under two weeks old I'm betting edgy-troll more than sincere idiot.
tempest_omouthy's parents are going through a totally GAY DIVORCE. She can call it gay, though, because she is bona fide bi, and not just to be trendy.

Crazy stupid!

neitherday is a talented icon-maker, no doubt.

However, apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks that her anti-psychiatry icons are a load of crap.

Some stupid:
- drugs make mental illness a life sentence
- people with mental illness just need to learn to cope with it
- chemical imbalance is just a myth
- if you end up in court and need to testify, they will use the fact that you are on medication against you

Beyond that, though, there's a real good debate/discussion going on.
Over in cat_macros there is a magnificent bit of dummy tossing going on. Apparently, irishmoonstar is JUST A LITTLE BIT upset that someone else got slagged off by Americans for using a British spelling and feels the need to tell us about it.

screencaps here and here
Over on livejournal_uk, greebo wants some advice on a nightmare tenant of a friend of his. Cue wanksplosion which contains a bit of something for everyone. So choose your own stupid!

Your options are as follows:

a) The fat wank. (Is it really necessary for us to know just how fat she is? Several times?)
b) I are Dr LJ! I declare this woman has [illness] because of [trauma]! I know because of Wikipedia my learnings! (While it's true a lot of this woman's behaviours can be indicative of something deeper, considering the OP is an outside observer himself - a friend of the woman's landlord - declaring that the woman's personal hygiene problems are due to mental problems rather than her being a lazy slob is reaching a little...)
c) Kick her out! Who cares about some stupid fat chick?
d) All of the above.

Ladies & gentlemen, the choice is yours!

EDIT: Scrolling through the comments of this post will turn up a link to a previous drama regarding filthy tenants. But I'm not sure whether it's against the rules as it's a personal journal. Though IIRC the guy gave permission to spread the story far & wide, & it's already linked in the comments, so I'll compromise & just point downwards. Warning: The post contains large amounts of Ewww & Do Not Want.


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