September 16th, 2007

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Oh, baby, I had to!

How long's it been since we had tip wank?

Let's refresh our palate after that huge Lolita-wank five-courser....
brigidsdaughter is having a bad day.  One customer wanted to pay for a 1.75$ beer with a hundred dollar bill. Oh! Annoying! I know!

BUT....After wishing death by fire to that customer, another wanting salad and giving a 25% tip is wished the same fate...WHY? She ordered...SALAD.

Much lulz to be had in the comments.  At least I'm still giggling.
ETA: Side-wank salad! With baby spinach and I-can't-take-a-joke vinagrette!
And THANKS For that broccoli salad recipe 72degrees.
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Like fish in a barrel...

From the poor, perseMOOted cf_hardcore -ers...who have been producing an awful lot of stupid lately.

I work with small children whom I hate and one scratched my healing tattoo...touch-ups are free and I signed a liability waiver but I'd like to scare the chyyyyuld's homeless moo into thinking she'll have to pay $600 dollars for a touch-up.

Every single comment seems to agree that it's perfectly all right to exploit a homeless woman.

ETA: Comment stupid!! It's ok to hit a kid that' s not yours if she's misbehaving. Thanks for pointing me to that one, maryam!

ETA2: Aaaaand we have metastupid!

ETA3:  YE GODS IT'S BEEN BAHLEETED!!!  Flame-resistant, eh, cf_hardcoreAnyone got caps??  Anyone?  Bueller?? Aaaaand for the wank that just keeps giving, caps are provided by the lovely cerulean_me