September 15th, 2007

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Beth Ditto and her 'health problems' strike again

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A small stupid, and my first.

Over at thequestionclub, the very married surfah2docean has gone on an ill-advised dinner date with a male customer from Japan. Not only was she surprised that he didn't bring along any friends to this date, because apparently she's into that sort of thing, she's also surprised that she had to fend off inappropriate physical advances. She's further surprised that she received an email this morning telling her how wonderful she is, and suggesting another date for later this week.

She has posted a hypothetical response to this gentleman and is asking for suggestions to make the response better.

Later comments indicate this bint's HUSBAND wasn't even happy with her going on this date, and she went anyway.

Someone else suggests that perhaps the OP is a hooker. I have to say I wondered that myself.

Anyway, enjoy. Or don't. ^_^

Internet Vigilantism for the Lose

In the lovely community of cf_hardcore, angelheart13 posts an ad off of the Dallas area Craigslist. The ad is for a large woman looking for a "sperm donor" and looks fake as hell to me, but what do I know?

ribbonundone, however, thinks it would be sweet justice to "email her, string her along, get her last night (sic) and find out who the fuck she is so I can contact her husband."

She gets a good deal of encouragement for this asinine behavior, and even asks for help from people who live in the area so the woman doesn't call her bluff.

So now not only is it not okay to have kids, it's the business of the members of cf_hardcore to police the internet for people who might be trying to have kids. I would feel a lot better about this if even one person over there called her on this B.S., but even a mod is encouraging it.

EDIT: ishfirf also thinks she should catch HIV instead of a baby. Thanks lazywriterbum.