September 14th, 2007



Hey wow, I found something to post! *confetti*

Over at 

mock_the_stupid, kedemel posts a fairly amusing two-liner from Overheard in the Office. 

 claws_n_stripes has a gripe about the use of the word "yeap". 

Not only are we now only allowed to use words that are in the dictionary, but slang words and vernacular that aren't sanctified by the holy Webster don't exist:

And that "yeap" is anything but Internet-propagated retardation (like "woah," cousin of the guy who built the Ark) is bullshit. That's not vernacular; vernacular terms appear in the dictionary. Somebody said, "Hey, look at how you spell 'weapon'! I'll just apply my elite phonetic skills and misspell a three-letter word!"

Unless the person said something that sounds like yee-app, the word is misspelled.

and if people DO actually say things like that, it sucks to be them

I don't know about you guys, but I know I say "yeap" or "ye-up" from time to time. And even if I didn't, I don't tend to freak the hell out about it.


also features an amusing "NO U" when told to calm down. I had a nice chuckle



ugly_crap was a community started by me *bows* for people to snark merchandise for sale that they find to be ugly.

Now, it would seem to be self-evident that one person's idea of "ugly" is another's "OK", or even "holy wow, that's awesome". I mean, it would seem to go without saying.

Well, not to ms_daisy_cutter. A post snarking a comfy looking, yet ugly brown flannel shirt has OFFENDED HER PERSONALLY!

From her entry-wide comment vomit:

To quote a friend of mine...

I like how wearing comfortable clothes is described in negative terms — terms better suited to neglecting one's health, mind or inner being in some's only 'feminine' in these people's minds if it hurts, restricts, poses a clear and present danger to children or small animals and you can't run, dance or even fucking well walk in it.


A friend sent me a link to this LJ and I was all revved up for it to be all about stupid, tacky shit on eBay...rather than some look that isn't pricey or uncomfortable enough for the princessy types.

Are we back in the 1950s or something? "Suffer for beauty"? "Beauty is pain"? Gotta look all dolled up at all times to catch you a mayyyyunnnn?

Because, you're not edgy unless you're spelling shit with a ton of y's and extra letters for no apparent reason.

And even more:

I like how that looks, I'd totally wear it in that color, and anyone who has a problem with it can suck it.

Meh, fashion. Fuck that noise, I'm all about comfort.

Right, you nutbag, because the post was all about how ridiculous ms_daisy_cutter would look in that shirt and how much we care about what ms_daisy_cutter thinks about fashion and how we all have a problem with ms_daisy_cutter and her super edgy icons and her super anti-fashion fashion choices because we all really give a shit about ms_daisy_cutter! we really, really do!