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September 13th, 2007

Small stupid, but still funny ...

commie_mania is sick of Ceiling Cat.

EDIT: Crap, how did I miss the double post? OK, cue macros.

I hope I'm doing this right!

Over in ljchristians, there's a small stupid in byrthebb's post. Because Muslims live to force you to convert!

If for some reason you were kidnapped by Muslims (or any other non-Christian religious group)or even just one Muslim (or non-Christian religion)and were told either convert to Islam or you'll be killed, would you convert?

May I have your attention, please?

beachbabe_4ever has just let it be known that the Constitution of the United States is not open to interpretation.

Can someone let the Supreme Court know that their services are no longer needed? Thank you!

I am paranoid that black people are laughing at me behind my back, because TV told me that all black people think white people are dorky!

He took out the racist question! Now it's just about hamburgers.

In case you missed it:

I really have a phobia when I say anything that could be overheard by black people that they're mocking me when I'm out of earshot. I think it stems from so many TV shows that I've seen where black people see things that white people say as dorky and laugh at them because of that.

Am I completely alone in this? Is there anything any of you are paranoid other people are doing behind your backs?

Wank, Wank, Wank!


OP posts about a fat russian man coming to her buffet.
Sure, he's extreme.

We have our winner for the day, for wank will be in the comments.

and of course its at customers_suck

Edit: Title edited to fit better. ;P

smokeandreason loses bo0bie privileges.

REAL bo0bies aren't made of fat!!


ETA: This is why I'm not a pilot; I'm apparently blind. How the fuck did I miss that?
Over at pokemon some pokehats are being made and in screened comments ohariko accused ryuichi of stealing her idea of making Pokemon hats and claims ryuichi's are overpriced.

2007-09-14 12:21 am UTC (link) Track This
Our hats come fully lined and are professionally made. We take a lot of time and put a lot of detail into our hats. They aren't just chopped up and glued together. I don't want to sound rude, but I think this is a fair price for our quality and the complexity of our items.

2007-09-14 12:25 am UTC (link) Track This
And your stating mine are shitty? PFT! That's rude now. Sorry, but you really just pissed me off.

dramabuster Points out the quality and price differences in the hats and kalajessta gets offended. Apparently "You have no right to be discussing the quality of any hats since you are not a hat maker your self."
Lolz ahoyCollapse )

In kalajessta's pokehat post, dated 9-12(clearly made before the 9-13 post, you see,) she gets criticism about the price of her hats. No discussion allowed, folks!


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