September 12th, 2007

Subliminal Bunchie

Language wank

Over in customers_suck, there's a small bit of language wank between drusillamac and itssosmooth. It's mainly two individuals bickering back and forth... but there is some name calling and general wank. It's minor, but I found itssosmooth's general butchering of the english language to be rather amusing.

P.S. - Some of the members at cat_macros have been getting irritated at the over use of Ceiling Cat Macros over the past couple days. I'm sure some wank has occurred... but I'm too lazy to look.

ETA: Yay! itssosmooth has come to socialize with us!

ETA2: It has been confirmed that itssosmooth is a sockpuppet of commonsensehere (who was banninated). Thanks, kittylair!
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Oh customers_suck...Will you never learn?

Shocking to no one, I know, but we have another tip wank winner in customers_suck again.

Bonus points for:

Apparently, not only is it wankbait, but it's an email/myspace forward as well.

Vague threats to mess with people's food and, small uses of chatspeak throughout.

Macros have already begun.

Have fun, kiddywinkles!



Anyone have caps? Caps forthcoming, please stand by.

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Edit #2thexica has brought to light gem #2 from our butt-hurt OP. I think this might be funnier than the original.

Strike two caps brought to you by ameliab Thanks!


Edit #3: Missed the fun? Have no fear, for the circle of wank continues. kyalesyin reports that we have yet more tipping wank for your Wednesday afternoon fun here.
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Motherfucker just won't stop posting everywhere

mintogrubb. antifeminism. Again.

This time with a very special 9/11 themed post.

And before some middle class hippy tells me what a wonderful bloke bin Laden is - go live out in a Muslim run country for a bit. Be forced to totally give up booze and see if it suits you. Check out how free women are in Afghanistan before you moan about how it is in Europe and America.

We in the West may need to raise our game somewhat, but the Western world is still the best place to be a woman, or gay, or even in a racial minority anywhere on the face of this earth!

Now just for your entertainment I'm going to share with you the lulz insight that minto's been bringing to everyone over in debunkingclass:


BONUS LULZ IN debunkingwhite

And, edit, I don't know how I missed this when I initially posted, but ladylynx is baffled about why all those fucking Muslims are popping up in her city in her country.


But that's just 'cause she hates Muslims (thnx niki4jm)
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In honor of the last s_f entry regarding Inheritrix and ED, I have to put this forth to all of the homies out there in this comm. NEEDS MOARLULZ!!!!!

I know everyone here has seen fun examples of lulz courtesy of Inhertrix. Whoever can add the most lulz to the entry gets a cookie in the mail. Or a pile of flaming dog crap on their porch, whichever I find to be more convenient.

EDIT: The reason why I'm posting this is because I'm horribly disappointed in all of you for not already editing the ED entry. I've been refreshing and refreshing and still don't see any changes. What is wrong here?
asoneill - Clue/Telegram

Minor Stupid From washingtondc:

Someone made an entry over at Encyclopedia Dramatica about inheritrix.

Her solution? Confront the membership washingtondc:

To the assmunch that created the encyclopedia dramatica entry on me because you don't like my icons I've used in this community...a request to remove it..but since you likely won't do that how about an uncharacteristic "fuck you" from me?

So for anyone else in this community who dares to hold and voice opinions that the group sheep find distasteful be warned that said sheep will try to humiliate you into silence. idiots.

(apologies for the strong language to the nice ppl; as I said, its pretty uncharacteristic for me).

And preemptively let me tell you rob, ouji, dindin and mazzie and all the haters that i don't give a flying fuck what you have to say and snicker about this so don't waste your handpower typing a comment.

A few comments support her. Most call her on the attention whoring to complain about... getting attention. Or that free speech is a two-way street/that she should expect debate for using icons like hers in an open community. (Personally I do feel some of the language in the ED entry is over the line, but there are better ways to have gone about this than creating more drama.)

I have a screencap of the original post in case of bahleetion.

[Edit]: Apologies for mangling her username. :) Should be fixed now!

[Edit 2]: Bahleeted. Screencap behind the cut.

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So, over at good ole customers_suck some poor lass is treated like poop by some d-bag who got angry at her for putting 11 cents in the tip jar when he told her to put his change aside. This isn't the stupid, that was definitely a horrible customer. She never mentions this guy's culture or background (save that he has an accent), just that he doesn't seem to respect women. Which seems to be a pretty valid assumption.

The funny comes in the out of nowhere comment: Why are cultures that give women no value being promoted by our politicians, especially liberal politicians? I fear this sort of thing will only get more common.


Bonus lulz in the comments regarding people from Kentucky and wank.

Small but funny. (I hope...)
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Hitting up the Bank of LJ

Over in economics, budding entrepreneur confliction makes a modest request.

In short, he has this idea for a business. He can't tell anyone what the idea is. But he can assure you that it will generate "millions or billions" in revenue.

What he needs from the good people of economics, and indeed LiveJournal as a whole, is to fund his little idea through a handy-dandy PayPal button. You see, those pesky banks won't give him a loan unless he has a business plan. But that would take months to put on paper and he just doesn't have the time or the money to wait. Nor can he get a job, because then he'd lose his government benefits. It's a catch-22 guys!

Posters in economics are less than amused. confliction finds their lack of faith disturbing.