September 11th, 2007

Once upon a time

someone makes a boring post about Britney Spears to omgz_wtf

Not satisfied with the fact that people in that post weren't giving him/her enough comment props, he makes another self-described 'edgy' post.

It's like ONTD, only way less clever and totally in the wrong place. Basically the OP harps on Britney Spears for a good 6 or so paragraphs, namely about how she's omg so fat. Also she's fat. Did I mention she's fat? Apparently Britney Spears is fat. There's also a smattering about her performance at the VMAs that was supposedly hilariously bad and a sign of her impending mental breakdown, but it's easier to point and laugh at a celeb than feel compassion, as ONTD frequently demonstrates.

When people start pointing out that making a second post and calling her fat excessively was unnecessary, THE BIGS GUNS COME OUT. Take notes, ya'll. You too can be clever and witty if you just take lessons from this guy!

With such hits as:

Awww another jaded emo kid. Slit your wrists in the sink and take a pic. It will get better,


Guns are so much better than stupid shit for brain women. You can silence them without an axe.

And of course from the original post:

"P.S. Brit, Do us all a favor and pull a Anna Nicole now BEFORE the reality show"

Zing amirite? Remember gaiz. Bashing a celeb for putting on weight is A-okay as long as nobody points out how stupid it is to be obsessed with such a thing.


(no subject)

Over in b0st0n zachens posts some butthurt over getting on the bus going the wrong way, and the bus driver telling him that sometimes mistakes aren't correctable, and he generally dry-fucks the English language to death in the process of telling this story, while boring the piss out of people.

Feminism wank? In my stupid_free?

Over in politicsforum, tbonestg suggests that the world would be easier if we would all just convert to Islam. Commence the out of nowhere feminism wank, courtesy of dirtywhiteboi, which quickly dissolves to small penis wank (couldn't resist the pun).

Racism and misogyny are everywhere, only binary heteronormative white males think differently. Or let me correct this, think not at all.


ps sorry about your small peenie.

pps you can buy something larger if you are so inclined.

Unfortunately, some people don't know how to take a joke.
Jesse Pinkman wardrobe

(no subject)

In customers_suck, reijigin makes a post about overhearing a woman laugh about her use of fish as decoration for her wedding, knowing that it would kill the fish.

Most people respond with disgust, but peppikins seemingly randomly goes into a full-fledged rant about the horrors and cruelty of fishing. She doesn't respond to questions of whether or not she's a vegetarian. But when kyalesyin tells her that the rant is pointless and off-topic, she tells kyalesyin to "unclench your butt cheeks and untwist your knickers", and then goes for the jugular and calls her a "muffin-head". BURN!

Keep an eye on this one; it might turn into some real gold.

EDIT: The comment was deleted. Here's the text:
Collapse )

Thar be rickrolls in them thar hills

It's okay to be so hellbent on proving that you're edgy that you don't even notice you're being trolled.

it's that kind of dedication to the cause that I like.

Especially when you are trollingly called a sociopath, rickrolled again, and then say this:

I am a sociopath. I write about serial killers and dead babies.

And I'm not falling for that again.

Surf with condoms. The mint kind.

I dunno, I was rofling. It's like a low-calorie stupid. Good after a heavy drama meal.

Snake Dramaz

Over in stupidpetowners, there's a slightly amusing stupid about how/what to feed snakes. The OP links to a craigslist ad, trying to point out a stupid pet owner who doesn't feed her snakes live. Ut oh. Well, if that isn't the wrong community to broadcast your own stupid pet ownery, I just don't know what is. Remember kids, when you point your finger at someone else, there's always 3 fingers pointing back at you.
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