September 10th, 2007


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sixdegrees posts a fairly loaded question on thequestionclub which, in short, states Now, I am no fan of GWB whatsoever, but does anybody else find this level of hatred (for lack of a better word)to be completely ridiculous?

Most people hop on the Dubya is a dumbass bandwagon. sinkopayshun responds to the question and states that and by the way, boo-hoo. So people don't like George W. Bush. He deserves not to be liked, and he's the president.

We then are graced with a wild_root_fruit-ism that I found, at least, to be pretty stupid: "It's less about boo hoo for President Bush and more about personal pride on your country and knowing how to handle a bad president with grace as a stand united with CLASS"

Lol whut. Stand united with class? That'll right the wrongs that Bush et. al. have been responsible for in some way. Political activism? PINKIES UP!
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This can only end badly.

A combined abortion/childfree wank, joy!

Over in ask_me_anything maxwellbusch is apparently pro-life & childfree, but the girl he was casually seeing is now pregnant and he wants her to abort.

I cannot begin to fathom this one, calling oneself pro-life yet wanting someone to abort, I really can't.

Edit: the moral dilemma I can sort-of understand, the real stupid I think is making statments like "I also don't feel like I should feel bad because it's both of their faults that the baby dies, so I didn't actually do anything wrong." and admitting in the comments section to not taking responsibility for his own contraception, despite being childfree.

Son of Edit: bahleeted, it seems, whilst I was sleeping :'(. I guess being called out on his idiocy caused some major butthurt. Cap of the AMA post thanks to smoopy_bitch here. Anyone have caps of his deleted comments in this thread? (Snots, I did not touch those myself, they were there when I went to bed last night)
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Aww! I Respect Your Diversity!

Over in ohnotheydidnt, there's a post made about Raven Simone's soon-to-be-released studio album. The OP decides to post a picture of Raven Simone. However, this picture is not just OF Raven Simone, it's been "lightened up" considerably.

Accurately, someone asks the OP if, in summary, she's just trying to make Raven appear *white*. She laughs at the inference, stating all she wanted to do was "improve on [Raven's] looks!" and was just "making [Raven] more beautiful"... by making her as white as possible.

Several more people respond. The OP is unwilling to see the problem. In fact, when challenged with the truth that not everybody sees blonde hair and blue eyes as beautiful, she goes the condescending route with, "aww its ok! everyone has their own opinions and i respect your diversity! i will take it into consideration next time i do more raven designs to not make her hair so blonde!"

Edit: This is likely not a troll. She's posted many Raven-related items lately.
good grief

Don't play with trolls

So apparently the AP mommies in parenting101 didn't get the memo that conceptualpete is a giant troll.

He makes a post about ear piercing being evil, which everyone jumps to agree with, when lasvegasfemme makes the mistake of posting:UGH!
I just saw a lady piercing her infants ears at Claire's this weekend and nearly threw up. The baby cried and cried. I turned to my friend and made a comment along the lines of never modifying my child that way, and she agreed. I had to remind her that she had her son circumsized.

Never let a troll see your weakness.

Cue pages and pages and pages of circ wank, which is only slightly less funny than BF wank, which is my favoritest wank of all.

I'm going to go cry over my bf's mutilated circ'd wang. IF ONLY IT WAS UNCUT :'(
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