September 9th, 2007

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I DEMAND he be fired now! Rawr!!

This is my very first posting here and the star of this show is tigerwolf. Imagine that.

First he posted about an incident with a rude Target employee who would not return an item for the full price without a receipt and tried to pass himself off as the manager. Some parts of it are a little unrealistic on the OPs part, but this isn't the stupid.

In a follow-up post, he goes on to update us about his campain to get the employee fired

I'm going to pretty much say either he gets terminated from his position there, or I will go public with the fact that an employee not only was incredibly rude, but also attempted to commit theft on work property, and is still being kept as an employee.

It gets uglier as people try to explain that a customer really has no say in what happens to an employee.  My favorite gem is this one:

Actually, I do get to decide these things. I'm not going to take flack from some arrogant little shit with a glorified cashier job. 


EDIT: Crap! Locked. Sorry about that, guys. Queue the failboat.
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Burn the publishing system, kids!

OK , so it's just a small stupid, but it's my first post and I miss the real facepalmery that goes down during AOLhours.

Do you reckon jackshoegazer  might've read No Logo? He is a member of hipsterbookclub, after all. Surely it's mandatory. Either way, he's just noticed that - OMG - book prizes are SPONSORED! Who'd have thought it? It's like they gave those £20,000 cheques out of love! This wouldn't be so bad, until he goes off on a Fight Club-style rant, beloved of those who like hipster references to speak for them instead of coming up with original arguments, about how CORPORATIONS ARE RULING THE WORLD AND OWNING US ALL!!!

Which would have more credence if he'd noticed that the Costa Book Prize used to be called the Whitbread Book Prize. As in, sponsored by Whitbread. Of which Costa is a subsidiary.

And while I support the right to independent business, fair trade and being able to buy clothing that isn't stitched together with the eyelashes of Cambodian children, sanctimonious eejits who have just watched their first Bill Hicks video make me want to eat Big Macs and drink Starbucks for every meal until I die.
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You would think that when you do something to your body, you'd research how to do it properly right?

Well, that's not the case with some people. Such as here, here, and here.

Just a warning, there are not so pretty pictures in a couple of those links.

Edit: I am aware the first link admits that she did it improperly, but it's still a good example that you should research properly.